Scrap Metal Recycling Begins to Pay Off More Due to Sky High Commodity Prices

Earn extra income selling scrap metal to E-Planet Scrap Metal Sydney

Recycling scrap metal has over the years slowly become a trusted extra income source. With the price of commodities increasing rapidly, scrap metal recycling has become much more profitable as merchants like E-Planet Scrap Metal Sydney are willing to pay top dollar. Located in Greenacre, New South Wales, Scrap Metal Sydney picks up metals such as copper, brass, cable, lead, aluminum, stainless steel among others in commercial quantities of scrap. 

People with large quantities of scrap metals from household appliances like washing machines, refrigerator, computers and even wires and cars can call the leading scrap metal company for pickup and get paid for their scrap. The importance of scrap metal recycling cannot be overemphasized as it is not only profitable but also eco-friendly. Studies have shown that scrap metal recycling decreases air pollution, mining wastes and water pollution by over 70% and also saves energy by 75% while decreasing consumer wastes by 105%.

E-Planet Scrap Metal is dedicated to helping the environment by paying for these metals and actually recycling them. According to a company’s spokesperson, “At Scrap Metal Sydney, we take recycling seriously and we have invested in technology to bring you the best scrap copper recycling facilities in the country.” The leading recycling company ensures no metal is wasted right from the sorting and segregating process to the crushing and baling process. 

As a customer centric brand, E-Planet Scrap Metal offers its clients options such as using their scrap metal bins to store scrap metals or using the onsite weigh and pay services. Clients with huge quantities of scrap can request a free pick up service and also get paid. The company makes it a point to educate every client about the different metals brought in so they can calculate their profits and maximize it. E-Planet will again help clients to disassemble different appliances or equipment to get the metal out. All these services make the company one of the most exceptional scrap metal recycling companies in all of Australia. 

To ensure that a lot of people have access to earning extra cash, E-Planet Metal Scrap Sydney operates in over 20 locations  including Alexandria, Fairfield, Hornsby, Riverstone, and St Marys among others. “You can rely on Scrap Metal Sydney to produce durable metals from old and new scrap. Copper recycling has been one of our specialties for a long time and we intend to continue being a leader in scrap copper recycling,” said a company spokesperson. 

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