The innovative production company, Sarealtv, announces plans to launch Mad Robot, a futuristic action video game set in the year 3333.

The team at Sarealtv has continued in the pursuit of charting a new course in the entertainment industry as the brand recently announced plans to launch the Mad Robot video game. Set in the year 3333, Mad Robot takes gamers through the escapades of Evil supervillain, Mytosis, as he orders for the kidnapping of Dr. Dyonesis, the super-scientist, to assist him in his wicked plan to obliterate Planet Xeon in true kamikaze fashion.

The demo will be officially released on February 3rd after about two years of development, with Sarealtv primarily in charge of development. Mad Robot is the first video game and coding project from Sarealtv, creating all the art, animations, code, and music. It will undoubtedly offer captivating gameplay for action lovers as they try to save Planet Xeon and rescue Felix, a creation of Dr. Dyonesis, from the captivity of Mytosis.

Sarealtv started developing the game during the pandemic as he decided to put the lockdown to good use. “I was challenged to create a VR piece and ended up becoming more interested in the 2D-3D world since graduating from Fullsail University. After getting news that we would be stuck in the house for 3 months, I stumbled onto a free programing class that would teach me to make a game.”Mad Robot, the demo, will be available on the Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Store, with the full version coming soon and offering 10 levels of captivating gameplay that include action and adventure.

For more information about Mad Robot and other projects from Sarealtv, visit – Sarealtv can also be found across social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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