Sarcastic Ape Squad Launches Wide Array of Funky, Smiling or Serious Apes in Its Latest NFT Collection at OpenSea

Inspired by a pirate thriller, Sarcastic Ape Squad launches a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs along with a detective journey. These characters are part of a unique storyline that revolves from port cities to islands and ships. 

Sarcastic Ape Squad has a list of amazing NFTs available at OpenSea. There is an adventurous story behind these ordinary looking apes. The detective is disguised as a seaman, and is taking a criminal along, which starts a series of chases from one city or island to another. Along the way, there are plenty of mysteries to enjoy too. 

Although Sarcastic Ape Squad is a new player in NFTs, it has already gained popularity among NFT lovers. As stated, the outlooks of these detective and criminal apes are unique, and have been created using algorithms from almost 30 different traits. The NFT has an Ape avatar having different attires and looks. Then there are apes in cool printed shirts, or hearts in the eyes is another variation. 

“Our platform has an NFT collection, ranging from funny to serious ape. We are based in the USA. However, we get orders from all parts of the world. Sarcastic Ape Squad is also famous among crypto lovers. Ethereum is the digital currency we are dealing with.” says a spokesperson for Sarcastic Ape Squad. 

The Ape with heart in eyes NFT is highly recommended to all those who collect interesting and unique non-fungible tokens. If this interests you too, you can simply visit the Sarcastic Ape’s collection page at:

The process of buying these NFTs is straightforward. After selecting an NFT, the user needs to make an offer using their digital crypto wallet and then claim the NFT at their virtual delivery address. The brand allows more than 10+ digital wallets for buyers. So, buying the first NFT using the Sarcastic Ape Squad is super easy. 

The project’s roadmap starts with a website and smart contract, and this will be followed by the metadata. We are hopeful that the Metaverse treasure hunting thriller mystery  will be loved by all ages.

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