Sanwire Corp. Catches Investors Attention; Jumps 16% After Subsidiary Intercept Music Unveils Innovative Music Label Solutions (OTC: $SNWR)

Sanwire Corp. (OTC Pink: SNWR) stock is in rally mode, surging 16% last week after announcing its wholly-owned subsidiary Intercept Music rolled out one of the most innovative turnkey solutions for celebrities to create, manage, and brand their own music labels. It’s another example of how technology used correctly can change an industry landscape and position micro-cap companies like $SNWR to capitalize and maximize opportunities in a multi-billion dollar industry. Investors responded well to the news, and rightfully so.

After all, it’s one of the most innovative suites of services in the industry. Unlike any other known platform or service, Intercept Music brings an efficient capability to artists wanting to create their own music label. In other words, artists and celebrities can bypass hundreds of handshakes and eliminate all the hassles associated with trying to earn representation. That’s a big deal. Why? Because of the millions of performers trying to get signed, about 95% fail in that respect.

Intercept Music set out to change that dynamic and its comprehensive self-service solution is ideally positioned and designed to succeed in that endeavor. At the core of its solution, anyone looking to extend their brand into the independent music market can instantly acquire world-class label capabilities from a single source: Intercept Music.

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Value Drivers In The Playlist

Appreciate that value. It can be a revenue-generating game-changer for SNWR, a boom for its investors, and an industry introduction to potentially thousands of artists in the next few quarters. Expect broad and quick adoption of the service, with its design tailor-made for existing independent labels. Not only is it an excellent product, it works. New labels, like IronGate Records in Nashville, have started from scratch with the software platform, and by leveraging the program’s inherent strength, expect to sign at least 200 artists by year-end. Good news for them is also great news for SNWR.

Sanwire has already said that from IronGate’s success, they have been approached by several celebrities who want their own label but didn’t have the expertise to put all the pieces together. They can now if they use Intercept Music. How? By using its turnkey and full-scope platform that delivers everything from distribution to a full suite of marketing and retail services. It’s timely, too.

The emergence of celebrity-backed labels is one of the strongest trends in independent music, with high-profile figures including Matthew McConaughey (JK Livin’ Records), Guy Ritchie (Punchbowl Recordings), Keifer Sutherland (Ironworks Music), and many others launching independent labels in recent years. While they may have taken a more expensive and challenging path, Intercept Music’s platform users won’t face the same obstacles and costs. Instead, they’ll benefit from a concierge-level service providing an ideal platform for those who want a streamlined, seamless path to building their own label without any guesswork or trial-and-error.

Here’s the best part, the platform enables Intercept Music to attract new clients and accrue revenue-generating opportunities in every major genre of music. And for those that like to trade ahead of expected catalysts, consider this: Intercept is already monetizing its first genre, urban hip hop, with an update planned in April. The better part of the announcement, and perhaps a reason for the stock surge, they added, “we can’t wait to share who’s jumping in.” Thus, SNWR’s excitement ahead of that update is indeed rallying the bulls.

Innovative Platform Changes Music Label Landscape

It should. Intercept Music’s new private-label service is an industry game-changer that levels the playing field for artists and emerging labels. They have changed what was an exclusive club just two weeks ago into a self-service branding power tool. And it could be the best option for celebrities, brands, and others with interest in the music industry to easily attach their content and brand to a high-powered music label engine ready to distribute, market, and promote artists. Best of all, it’s a fully comprehensive and integrated platform.

In fact, its state-of the-art-service has optimized the critical customer service model providing full support for managers looking to exploit every available revenue opportunity for their artists, including streaming revenue, merchandise sales, licensing, NFT, and more. Not only that, the Intercept Music platform delivers major-label services with 100% artist-maintained ownership, something rarely, if ever, done by competing providers. Moreover, labels and artists using Intercept Music benefit from enormous marketing muscle giving exposure through major social media channels, ad campaigns, and playlisting.

There’s more to like from a client perspective. Artists and labels get turnkey online merchandising and free worldwide music distribution to more than 200 countries and 80 major streaming services. And if you question Intercept’s effectiveness, don’t. They helped their artists earn industry-wide recognition, a slew of 2021 Grammy nominations, and pushed content to achieve top-100 positions in their respective genres. Thus, while 2021 was an excellent year of growth, 2022 can be transformational. That’s happening now.

Leveraging the power of Intercept Music, SNWR is already well on its way to scoring a number of potential million-dollar deals. Indeed, guidance supports that assumption. So, current prices may be exposing an extraordinary investment opportunity. In fact, momentum from Intercept’s newest brand and label platform could generate a revenue-generating tailwind that creates a bullish case to send SNWR stock prices back to 52-week highs that are more than 100% higher than current levels. With what’s happening, that may not be wishful thinking. Value drivers are definitely in place to turn innovation, ambition, and technical and market expertise into dollars. 

Trading ahead of at least one potentially significant update next month, company guided, could be enough on its own to send the SNWR share price to a level more appropriate to a company owning a potentially revolutionary cash-cow platform. 

Right Markets, Right Time

Consider this, too. SNWR and Intercept Music are exploiting the right markets at the right time. Music industry sales since 2021 are expected to reach levels not seen in more than 20 years, which should benefit SNWR’s interests along the way. And with SNWR better positioned than ever to capitalize on existing and expected market opportunities, investment into its stock is also a timely consideration, with the sum of its parts exposing a substantial valuation disconnect between intrinsic assets, including Intercept Music, and its share price. But, that gap can close sooner than many expect, especially with SNWR putting together the pieces to turn a record-breaking 2021 into a monumental 2022. 

The clues to how that can happen are in plain sight. Its acquisition of Intercept Music should lead the way, with its successful one-stop-shop business model an ideal solution for labels and independent artists. Remember, Intercept Music can do for clients for a fraction of the cost that high-priced reps, agents, and lawyers can do. And it’s done, for all intents and purposes, from a single dashboard. That’s the big attraction to current and potential clients. 

And they should appreciate what Intercept is selling. Nowhere else can clients get high-quality digitally-focused services covering marketing, distribution, and merchandising through a convenient and centralized platform providing all the essential services the music industry demands. By the way, investors wanting results are getting them. And they are impressive.

Since acquiring Intercept Music in 2021, they scored a 70% increase in gross sales, increased its per-artist revenue by 22%, and signed more clients than ever to drive 2022 numbers even higher. Not only that, Sanwire retired a significant portion of its short-term convertible debt, raised $1.1 million in new equity financing, and positioned itself to benefit from a management team flush with industry expertise. They also streamlined operations, created a means to provide expert services at less cost and set the pathway to drive efficient and high-margin growth. Results from Q1 of 2022 could be the spark to ignite a much-deserved rally. 

Bullish Guidance Into 2022

Guidance will be in focus as well. There, it’s likely that SNWR will announce increases to its subsidiary’s already impressive client base of 40 music labels and 300 independent artists. If so, its reported 22% increase in per-artist revenue from last quarter could be a drop in the bucket to what doubling or tripling its client list can generate. Obviously, more artists and labels combined with a more streamlined business model translates to higher margins and revenues that fall faster to the bottom line. 

And significantly more signings are expected, especially with Intercepts’ new services platform. Still, even before that new product announcement, SNWR assets provided clients a winning formula to expedite worldwide exposure. They recently announced the introduction of several other new service platforms designed to create targeted marketing campaigns to build global recognition for its clients. Cost-effective and targeted, its new platforms and services capitalize on the new age of promotion by integrating mass social media reach into one simple and effective dashboard. 

For clients, it’s more than a time-saver; it’s an effective means to stay on top of marketing while being able to do what they do best, perform and/or represent. It’s the best of both worlds for clients- they can perform, create, and produce and still get all the much-needed social media marketing benefits. SNWR, Intercept Music, and investors win as increased revenues support higher market-cap valuations. 

Remember that Intercept Music is not new to the industry. Its team has decades of experience and offers a proven valuable suite of essential services to labels and independent artists, and its list of services offerings keeps getting better.

Transformative Acquisition Adds Massive Firepower

In 2021 Intercept Music expanded its services portfolio to include playlisting and physical recording services. This was an incredibly wise and timely move on the company’s part. As a matter of fact, 40% of all the music being listened to is streamed from music services like Spotify, Apple Music (NASDAQ; AAPL), and Amazon Music (NASDAQ: AMZN). These services emphasize playlists, which are becoming increasingly popular among listeners. Intercept understands the model well. Moreover, they know how to create and leverage processes to ensure their client content gets heard. That ability drives revenues and new client signings in the process. 

By the way, Intercept Music isn’t packaged as a pure-play on digital media. Recognizing a recent resurgence in demand for vinyl records, Intercept Music has also extended its services to include physical recording, which has made a tremendous comeback as a growing number of listeners choose vinyl records over streaming. By providing its clients access to physical recording options in the same suite of services that handle their marketing, merchandising, and distribution, Intercept Music is staying true to its mission to be a comprehensive service to labels and independent artists. Best of all, it’s a business model that can attract thousands of clients from the millions looking to get heard. 

Clients get another potentially massive benefit by working with the SNWR/Intercept team. Beyond that discussed, Intercept Music is carving its space to reap the rewards from another substantial revenue-generating market opportunity- Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This emerging market opened up new sources of income to artists, and the revenues can be significant. NFT sales to date have exceeded $25 billion.

Artists Appreciate The Intercept Music Model

Moreover, amidst the litigious issue of intellectual property ownership in the music industry, Intercept Music has another way of distinguishing itself from the competition and attracting business: its clients maintain 100% ownership of their work. For artists, that may be an advantage too good to ignore. Moreover, it makes Intercept an even better choice for artists and labels, especially those taking advantage of what the NFT markets offer.

Summing up its parts, there’s a lot in play and a lot to like through an SNWR investment. And the better news is that SNWR has positioned itself to turn 2021 milestones into 2022 catalysts. Thus, at about $0.01, the risk-reward on this consideration is levered to the upside. Trading action last week indicates investors are finally taking notice of just how good the SNWR package can be. And while its assets make a compelling investment case now, expect the company to get appreciably stronger this year.

Further, having multiple shots on revenue-generating goals doesn’t hurt that expectation. And with Intercept Music in stride, potential acquisitions in the queue, and impressive growth in Q over Q and year-end revenues, SNWR stock is more than an attractive opportunity; it’s a compelling one. Proof of that is likely imminent, with a planned update and maybe some guidance into current performance to help fuel the started rally. Historical growth sets a precedent, but forward-looking is where savvy investors look and base decisions. In SNWR’s case, past, present, and future contributions strengthen the bullish thesis. 

Thus, the 16% spike last week may be the precursor of better things to come. Indeed, SNWR has positioned itself to keep its operating momentum in high gear, which should send its share price higher. So, while the trajectory is bullish now, more clients, more labels, more revenues, and more efficient processes to maximize income will likely help steepen the curve. Therefore, trading ahead of those likely announcements may present a wise and timely call to action.


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