Sanetta Guyton’s “Diary of a Hopeful Romantic” Puts Forward the Genuine Image of Dating Life Obstacles and Pulls Out People From the World of Fairytales

Begone unrealistic expectations because Sanetta has now unveiled the secrets and perks of dating life in her new novel. The downright fake image of love and dating life formed in the minds of the majority can be terminated all thanks to Sanetta Guyton’s straightforward, quirky, and realistic novel, “Diary of a Hopeful Romantic.”

Guyton believes that in order for an individual to revel in their dating life, it is important to alter the way people perceive love and encourages them to look at dating from a realistic point of view instead of expecting just sunshine and daisies. Sanetta has always had an unsteady dating life but that hasn’t made her give up on the idea of love. She tries to break through the shackles of the widely common misconception that love is supposed to be easy because, in all truthfulness, it is never easy; instead, people have to make it easy by becoming understanding, supportive, and open-minded. 

Sanetta Guyton is a huge fan of transparency and that’s why her book “Diary of a Hopeful Romantic” discusses various aspects of her dating life explicitly so that the audience realizes that they are not alone when it comes to messy dating life. Moreover, she also believes that communicating your concerns with your partner, loving yourself, respecting each other, and taking accountability of your actions can help solve the majority of the problems you are having in your relationship. The ups and downs of Sanetta’s relationships and overall dating life act as a lesson for the “hopeless” romantics out there that it is about time that they come out of the bubble they have been living in and start accepting the realities of dating. 

“The hopeless title never fit me,” says Sanetta in an interview with Speak Up Sis! and this is due to the fact that Sanetta grew up in a very broad-minded household where she was never taught to be hopeless. She further says “I’m a realist and not a dreamer. I wish I was a dreamer but I’m not,” because had she been a dreamer she would never have come up with such an amazing book. 

Sanetta hasn’t just added her own stories to “Diary of a Hopeful Romantic” but also stories of different people who had noteworthy dating life because there were still some aspects of dating that Sanetta had not explored but people who she knew had. Therefore, she used their stories in her book as they had the potential to teach people about how they can make their dating life easier and more enjoyable. 

Before writing Diary of a Hopeful Romantic, Sanetta used to drop dating advice on her social media accounts, share dating stories, and had considerable engaging followers. Considering the impact and success her book has made in such little time, Sanetta Guyton looks forward to expanding her business, Ms Hopeful Romantic, and projecting the genuine image of love with the help of her stories and powerful imagination.

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