San Antonio Residents Appreciate Local Company’s Humane Snake Removal Services

Wildlife X Team is a wildlife removal company consisting of professionals who love all types of animals, including snakes. Local property owners in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding counties appreciate having access to a company that offers humane snake removal services that don’t hurt or injure these creatures.

Throughout the state of Texas, it’s not uncommon for properties to be home to more than their human occupants. A wide variety of pests, including snakes, find their way inside properties to nest or escape the elements. In the majority of cases, they’re not looking to cause harm—they simply require a place to stay. This doesn’t mean that these snakes are welcome guests, but it also doesn’t mean that property owners are looking to hurt them.

Local animal enthusiasts are thankful that Wildlife X Team focuses on pest removal, as opposed to extermination. The company’s goal isn’t to kill pests; instead, they aim to remove pests from a property and return them to a safe environment. Their process is fully compliant with state laws and licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

In addition to residential and commercial snake removal, the Wildlife X Team also has the skills, knowledge, and experience to remove a wide variety of pests from any property, including rats, mice, wasps, rodents, skunks, armadillos, possums, bats, squirrels, hornets, nutria rats, birds, raccoons, moles, and beavers.

Call Wildlife X Team today at (210) 585-3574 to speak with an expert about their snake removal services. Alternatively, visit their website for detailed information about their complete suite of humane pest removal services. Wildlife X Team is located in San Antonio, TX, and proudly serves residential and commercial property owners in the following counties: Williamson, Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Travis, Wilson, Medina, Gonzales, Karnes, Frio, Gillespie, Caldwell, Atascosa, and Webb.

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