Sam J Freij, One of the Best Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Influencers

Sam J Freij, one of the best luxury travel and lifestyle influencers
Has it been a long day so far? Tired of work and need to have some fun somewhere! Don’t really know what to do in life and need some serious ‘daily dose of motivation! Look no further than travel bloggers, take a sneak peek at these mighty Instagram handles and get some daily dose of awesomeness.

There are several travel bloggers to follow for their amazing creativity, talent, and sense of adventure, and Sam Freij is one of them. 

It seems that travelling has never been so popular as it is now. While scrolling Instagram feed, every third person is strolling around the streets of Paris, posing in front of iconic sights, or posting pics from the plane.

Male influencers are bursting onto the scene with their take on exactly what it is like to travel the world in 2019. With so many destinations to see, these travel bloggers are taking us along for the ride, showcasing the highs and lows of travel, adventure and cultural adjustment.

Sam J Freij is one of those travel bloggers who have seriously upped their game and are giving their thousands of followers’ major travel envy. His passion and curiosity to explore new places and cultures have made him one of the most influential luxury travel bloggers nowadays. He started doing his blog in 2016 out of his passion and love for traveling, exploring and diving in new cultures. He previously used to travel with his family and friends mainly on summer vacations to have some pleasure. And throughout his journey, he used to capture the beauty of nature of every single place he visited, from Caribbean particularly Mexico to Dominican Republic, to Aruba and Jamaica.

Such eye-catching and mouthwatering photos have captured the attention and attraction of thousands of people from all over the world who were fascinated with his content. When Sam noticed this great interaction from his followers, he decided to go public and convert his profile to a creator status on 2020. Since then, Sam has started to gain more popularity all over the world, and his followers list increased rapidly to hit 261K of real followers in only 2 years.

In brief, Sam J Freij is a must to follow travel and lifestyle influencer for his outstanding content and marvelous talent. From heavenly beaches to breathtaking views, Sam has taken his followers with him in his virtual suitcases on journeys across the globe to live vicariously through his quality content.

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