Texas, USA – January 11, 2022 – SaltWater Soul is a well-known lifestyle apparel brand started by Billy Ray Wagner in Texas in 2006. The brand is more than a brand selling fishing and beachwear products.


According to Billy Ray Wagner, “SaltWater Soul is a part of your life. It is like the DNA-either you have it or do not have it. The person need not wear the shirt to get recognized. One wears the shirt because they want to influence others or it drives you”.

Billy Ray Wagner has also started the group named SaltWater Shore Patrol by using the social media posts of this lifestyle apparel brand. The members care about the beautiful coasts and the resources it provides. The SaltWater Shore Patrol members are motivated to bring a change and take the necessary steps to bring about the change they want to see around.

Moses Lake Flood Gate is a popular fishing spot near Texas City. Billy took to Facebook to share his angst at the amount of litter accumulated along this shoreline of the coast. This litter by fishermen consisted of plastic drink containers, discarded fishing lines, food wrappers, and soiled diapers.

Billy rescued a juvenile brown pelican caught in a fishing line. It took him thirty minutes to free the bird, and he even took out a plastic bottle that stuck in the throat pouch.

With his group, The SaltWater Shore Patrol, he cleaned up the Moses Lake Flood Gate on 22nd September 2019. The group cleaned three hundred pounds of trash.

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About SaltWater Shore Patrol

This group is by Billy Ray Wagner, the founder of the lifestyle apparel brand SaltWater Soul. The group aims to clean up the shorelines and save the natural environment of the coastal areas.

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