S.E. Sasaki Brings Imaginative Twist to the Science Fiction Genre With Medical Thriller Welcome to the Madhouse

Set against the backdrop of a hospital in deep space, S.E. Sasaki’s inventive debut, Welcome to the Madhouse offers a fictionalized account of the crises’ doctors face in the operating room.

S.E. Sasaki’s Welcome to the Madhouse is the masterful first installment of the Grace Lord series. A powerful work of medical science fiction, the story follows Lieutenant Dr. Grace Lord, a young female surgeon who is training to become a combat surgeon on the Conglomerate’s Premier Medical Space Station, the Nelson Mandela. On the station, Grace encounters conflict, love, attempted murder, and a plot to destroy all organic life. As she races against the clock to find a cure for the deadliest pathogen humankind has ever seen, she must dig deep to save everyone she has grown to love.

“I combined my lifelong love of reading science fiction with my thirty-years of experience as a family doctor and as a surgical assistant to offer a unique perspective on treating trauma patients in the midst of a deadly outbreak set in a hospital in deep space,” says author S.E. Sasaki. As a #1 best-selling, multi-award-winning author, Sasaki specializes in writing fast-paced medical science fiction thrillers grounded in reality. A story that both entertains and enlightens, Welcome to the Madhouse offers a window into the dangers and surprises doctors face in the midst of a deadly crisis, and how they cope with the unthinkable. “My goal was to show readers what it is like to work in an operating suite, where one never really knows what will be coming through the front door, and yet be ready to survive, save your patients’ lives at all costs, and ultimately protect the community from whatever the unknown danger is.”

The book weaves together several standout features that put it in a class of its own. Sasaki’s writing is fast-paced and immediate, with many scenes that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The protagonist, Lieutenant Dr. Grace Lord, is a universally relatable character in a world that bears little to no resemblance to our own; the book’s cast of supporting characters also contribute worthwhile dimensions to the unfolding of its arc. In addition, themes of crisis, technology, medicine and survival tie the work together in a memorable way, showing that life, no matter how challenging, always finds a way to continue.

Welcome to the Madhouse has received positive reviews from some of the most well-renowned literary organizations, authors, and reviewers around the world. Kirkus Reviews writes, “A layered debut that sings odes to the Grandmasters of sci-fi.” In addition, Ed Greenwood, bestselling creator of The Forgotten Realms writes, “S.E. Sasaki is a hidden treasure, a powerhouse artistic talent who in Madhouse brings us medical science fiction on a personal, engaging level that is addictive to read, sometimes scary, and always FUN.”

Welcome to the Madhouse shakes up the genre with a fresh twist that will leave readers dying to pick up the next one. Available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, and other online bookstores, readers looking for an engrossing, imaginative science fiction thriller are encouraged to purchase their copy today: https://books2read.com/u/mqzwx8

About the Author

As a Canadian MD who worked as a rural family physician for over 20 years, and now works in the operating room, assisting in surgery, WELCOME TO THE MADHOUSE was born from experiences in the hospital and operating room. Never has there been a dull moment. I wanted to convey the suspense of never knowing what was going to come through the front door, and how situations can become dire very fast, but I also wanted to share the camaraderie between colleagues, as we strive to save lives.

When I’m not assisting in surgery or writing the next book, I love to paint and create collages. My artwork has won awards at the World Fantasy Convention and Ad Astra. You can see my dragons at my website: http://www.sesasaki.com

I love to travel, scuba dive, downhill ski, play tennis, and travel.

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