RoRa Is Pioneering Stable, Asset Backed Digital Currency in a Time of Critical Cryptocurrency Volatility

With a selection of digital coins backed by tangible, Class A assets, RoRa captures the future of cryptocurrency with RoRa Gold, RoRa Prime & RoRa Oil.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The next evolution in cryptocurrency has arrived, and it’s solving the problems of inflation, deflation, volatility, devaluation, and beyond. RoRa Corp is at the forefront of this revolution in digital currency, bringing asset backed coins to market with tangible, stable value. 

In pioneering a new generation of cryptocurrency innovation, RoRa is bringing together the digital and physical realms, with asset-backed tokens that are safer, more secure, and steadfast when compared to standard cryptocurrency. In correlating a value to the worth of its underlying asset, asset-backed coins are becoming the preferred choice for those looking to explore or delve further into the world of cryptocurrency in a more calculated and strategic way. 

Following one of the largest crypto crashes since its inception, it’s clear that high quality tokens such as RoRa coins (RoRa Gold™, RoRa Prime™, and RoRa™ Oil), represent a beacon of smart, stable investing. Posing less risk and significantly less volatility, RoRa coins are now recognized as the modern solution to cryptocurrency’s downfalls. In fact, RoRa coins function similarly to an exchange-traded fund (ETF), offering investors appreciation opportunity through ownership of a portion or the entirety of an underlying asset. Retaining 100% validation and transparent operational processes, such as audits every 30 days, RoRa Prime™, RoRa Gold™, and RoRa™ Oil coins stand out as the preferred digital currency option that circumvents the unstable crypto market, the unpredictable stock market, as well as depreciating and inflating currencies as well as other unknowns. 

The proprietary coins offered by RoRa are based on multiple asset classes, capturing a significant share of the trillion-dollar cryptocurrency market. These Class A assets can include anything from real estate, oil, gold, soybean production, and many other types of physical assets, which is what makes asset-backed coins so appealing. They provide a practical new financial option that combines the modernity of digital liquidity with real asset values. Furthermore, this investing can be done by individuals on a small, entry-level scale, while also well-suited to large organizations operating with extensive portfolios and investment capacity. 

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About RoRa Corp

RoRa Corp is a collection of disruptors who have embraced blockchain technology in order to identify and eliminate the existing inefficiencies and outdated processes that have plagued previous models. The firm was founded by bankers, cryptocurrency specialists, Fintech consultants, and other alternative investment experts. RoRa Corp is paving the way for digital monetization, allowing asset holders and financial institutions to buy and profit from stable coins and gold coins for their assets. Their objective is to provide 1 million investors and high-quality asset holders the opportunity to benefit from the economic prosperity that a blockchain future promises.

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