Roll Bnb and Get Up to 316% ROI on Trading With Bnbwheel.Io

With the of introduction of concept of Stake Holding, a new Binance Trade product – is all set to launch today.

California – 22nd Feb, 2022 – Although the concept of stake Holding is not new in the investment market, but it will be the first time in Crypto Market where a product, named, is being launched with the Concept of Stake Holding to ensure greater Return of Investments for the Crypto Investors and providing secured and stable platform for Crypto Investment.


Unlocking honest BNB economy with BNBWheel Yield Farming Dapp.

As everyone in the Crypto Market is familiar with the fee of funding and thus, retaining this in mind, BNBWHEEL is making certain that everyone gets a handsome Return of Investment, by using the Concept of Stake Holding, where the investors will get Holding Bonus as 1% per day on the generated Income, i.e., user receives 1% more dividend each day without withdrawal.

Normally, User will get Return of Investment without holding the stake ranging from 180% to 255% where user can withdraw on daily basis.

But here comes the catch.  If a user makes investment and holds the stake for 24days straight, he will get Return on his Investment with the holding ROI ranging from 196% to 316% with 10.62% – 20% of daily basis Bonus inclusively. Simply put, for example, if a user does not withdraw for 10days with the holding bonus as 10%, and if user’s available dividend is 10 BNB, then user will receive 11BNB.

Another example, if a user stakes 1 BNB, then after 24 days, he will earn 2.55 BNB without holding, i.e., withdrawing every day, whereas his earning with holdings will be 3.162 BNB after 24days, where Holding Bonus will 1% per day on the generated income.

BNBWHEEL also has an attractive referral scheme for multi-level referrals where crypto-investor will get 7%, 4%, 2%, 1% and 1% as inclusive referral rewards for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 referrals respectively.

Check out the link for more details on referral scheme:


BNBWHEEL is an authentic crypto-investment site with the auditing done by most renowned auditing agency – HAZECRYPTO – which is known for authenticating the security of Blockchain code for various Blockchain based Investment sites.

With a clean audit report provided by Haze Crypto, BNBWHEEL ensures that there is no backdoor and ensures that the investment made on BNBWHEEL is 100% decentralized and secure.

Check out the BNBWHEEL SMART CONTRACT Address here:


BNBWHEEL has no other hidden charges except the following:

15% of the total investment goes straight to the market wallet to keep the BNBWHEEL Marketing activity rolling and ensuring that wider audiences of the Crypto Community has been engaged to keep the Contract growing and expanding.

10% of all the withdrawals will be charged as Insurance Fund to ensure that, in case, if any Investor, somehow faced any loss during or after the investment, he will be compensated from the Insurance Fund, ensuring that no one faces any loss in the trade and thus, serving smiles to all the Crypto Investors.


BNBWHEEL is a Binance based Decentralized Smart Contract which is 100% legit and has ultimate transparency for each and every transaction. Any investor can read the smart contract as well as can validate every other transaction happening within the contract.


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