Robo World Offers 1000 USDT for Game Testers

Crypto gaming has paved the way for global blockchain & crypto adoption. One particular area of the crypto-gaming sector is key for its growth: Play-To-Tarn. Play-to-earn gaming has taken the crypto world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. 

Play-to-earn has been a key driver for gaming’s increasing popularity by giving users purpose and meaning through economic incentives, which not only draw people to play-to-earn games, granting real-world utility but also allow users to collaborate and compete, strategize, and build up relationships with others.

Many people around the world are currently bringing in a side income with play-to-earn gaming, and that the potential is unlimited. Robo World – World’s First Blockchain-Powered NFT x AR x VR Game has impressive play-to-earn features which is also an incredible opportunity for gamers to capitalize on.  


Robo World is known as “The First Blockchain-Powered NFT x AR x VR Game.” At the forefront of UranusX’s promising ecosystem, Robo World harnesses the power of blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Play-To-Earn model, creating an open economy that allows players to increase their wealth and experience the game at the same time.  

Robo World is a 3D space-themed game inspired by Milky way exploration and incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain (Solana) and Mixed Reality (AR x VR) to enhance players’ gaming experience and income.


More specifically, Robo World is a turn-based card inspired by space exploration and battle, set in a large galaxy where each player assumes the role of a robot engaged in faction battles to fight for resources and gain territorial dominance in a real way.

Using the Unity real-time 3D development platform, Robo World with AR & VR technology delivers breathtaking real-time experiences and massive levels of visual detail. Furthermore, Robo World is built on the Solana blockchain, a layer one blockchain protocol that can handle 50,000+ transactions per second. This will be key to managing the massive amounts of transactions made in-game, where players mine and explore, pay taxes, and trade assets — all powered by Solana. 

Robo World team believes in a future where work and play become one in empowering players and giving them economic opportunities. Robo World’s mission is far more about spurring economic opportunity through play combined with building an amazing game.


According to the official news, Robo World will open the first period of the closed-beta test in early April. Through this Beta Test launching, they can get their players’ feedback better, which can help Robo World’s developers tune the game’s direction, art, and software mechanics in anticipation of a later version release. 

Signing up to the PUBLIC BETA TEST of Robo World will not only give you exclusive access to Beta Test, but participants will also be able to win up to 2.500 USDT prize pool. 


Hall of Fame Rewards
Top 1: $1000 USDT
Top 2: $500 USDT
Top 3 : $300 USDT
Bonus prize (5 prizes): $100 USDT
Promising prizes (10 prizes): $20 USDT/ each user

(*) All prizes players can get in USDT

Initial score: 1000 points
Win: +10 points/match
Lose: -2 points/match
Maximum 30 matches/user/day


Register for Beta Test slot via: [Link Gleam]
Whitelist for Beta Test Registration details:
Start time: 3 PM – March 21, 2022 
End time: 3 PM – March 27, 2022

Hurry up, Robo World’ll be closing sign-ups soon before the Public Beta Test launch!

Follow Robo World on: for more hottest news. There will be richer rewards (SOL) of Sub Events after the Beta Test launch. Testers will be registered and recruited globally, and early sign-ups will be prioritized due to limited seats. 


Incubated in 2021, the UranusX ecosystem has been born to completely blockchain the gaming industry. The vision of UranusX is to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional game players and the blockchain world.  

UranusX reconciles the opposed concepts of “pay to play” and “free to play” in a balanced game ecology and allows players to make critical decisions through governance. One may argue that UranusX is its digital universe, complete with a real economy spanning multiple projects:

NFT Games: A series of NFT games that combine the power of blockchain technology, mixed virtual reality (VR x AR), and play-to-earn elements are always in demand. The series of games from the UranusX ecosystem embrace the trend of galaxy exploration, space conquest, war, and space domination: 
Alpha Trek: Set in the universe after the 2200s to before the 2400s
Robo World: Set in the universe from the 2400s to before 2600
Orders Reset: Set in the universe before and after the 2900s
URA Wallet: a blockchain wallet used for the URA ecosystem and other tokens and projects with full features and a multi-layer security system.
URA Marketplace: connects all players in the game to buy and sell all kinds of assets, including cards, bases, lands, and items… The majority of assets traded on the NFT Market will be earned through in-game quests or tournaments.

Decentralised governance is the main pillar of the UranusX superstructure. Robo World and all games on the UranusX ecosystem have the vision to develop into an autonomous game owned by specific players. The economy is operated under the DAO mechanism, managed by URA Token and ROBO cash flow.

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