RISOLTO Makes Physical Users Manual Obsolete With New Utility App

The new RISOLTO mobile app offers users access to a huge digital archive filled with tons of user manuals for home appliances, across multiple brands and languages

RISOLTO is pleased to announce that it has created a new easy-to-use utility app that will make physical print user manuals obsolete.

The new mobile app offers access to a wide collection of user manuals for home appliances, across multiple brands and languages.

According to the company, digitizing user manuals will not only make life easier for users, but will also benefit the environment by reducing the amount of ink, paper, and power being used in producing physical copies.

Through the app, a user can request help on a particular issue by simply taking a picture of the error code. The beautifully built software will then instantly sort through its archive and offer a detailed explanation of the problem, as well as suggestions on how to fix it.

For more serious issues which cannot be resolved by the user, the app provides a special “get help from the supplier” option, through which users will receive contact details of official repair centers closest to their location.

From home appliances such as microwaves, water heaters, and television sets to more complex machines like cars and electric motorcycles, RISOLTO promises a comprehensive and versatile help center that functions as a 24/7 virtual assistant – always available to render help when called upon.

“We built this app with two things in mind; first to allow individuals to easily find help with their appliances, and secondly to fight pollution by reducing the number of manuals that need to be printed physically.”

With RISOLTO, users can also curate personalized libraries according to the devices they use, so they can instantly get help whenever they need it.

Anyone interested in learning more about this new app can reach out to RISOLTO via the contact info below.

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