RISING STAR Photo Packs Powered by Earthling – the Perfect Innovation for the Groundbreaking I Met Jesus Photography Compilation


I Met Jesus and Additional Collections:

Along with each photograph in RISING STAR collections is an innovative packaging for the pieces referred to as PhotoPacks (programmed as Buy-It-Now EUX). Each photograph in a RISING STAR collection is classified as a PhotoPack. Every photograph is given a special code and programmed with a price tag of $1.1 Million to $20.1 Million plus; categorized as a file in the Earthling Unlimited system, an exclusive PhotoPacks entry.

The strict access requirement into the coin system is a never before seen software trait. The state of the art inimitable coin provided upon approval is also a rare anomaly. A copyrighted software creation by RISING STAR and Earthling to accommodate rare artwork, like the one of a kind I Met Jesus collection, which comprises the Billion Dollar Digital Images and World’s Most Expensive Photograph priced by Jesus. The house also reported a 7.1 Billion Dollar Poem titled Destroying Principalities. Art purchases in RISING STAR collections are automatically attached with a lifetime travel benefit, courtesy of Earthling and their exclusive EarthTravel site.

The one of a kind collections can be found across various software platforms like Instagram, Bing and Google. All of the proceeds from sales go towards the EarthChurch and EarthSchool Systems. The fashion house takes the throne as the only brand to ever advertise and auction photography, especially of this nature.

Details on I Met Jesus, I Made The Grim Reaper Bow Down To Me, The Devil Is Mad That I Keep Winning and Jesus Showed Me A Split Sea also available.

Seen On USAToday and more than 500 media publications.

Innovative contracts with travel rewards are a copyrighted revolution from RISING STAR.

All copyrights reserved. USPTO Patent Laws Apply.

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