With the rise in the number of patients needing care, there is a correlating difficulty to find space in treatment facilities. One of the concerns many people have is about the cost of treatment.

Over the last two years, there has been a stark rise in the number of people struggling with addiction. Hospitals are reporting more overdose problems and treatments related to substance abuse. It’s hard to pinpoint yet, but there is a consensus that the pandemic has played a role in increasing the number of people dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. There are multiple schools of thought on why those who didn’t have problems before the pandemic suddenly struggled. However, one rising concern is the number of young people in Canada increasing their use of substances. With 60% of drug users being 15-24.

With the rise in the number of patients needing care, there is a correlating difficulty to find space in treatment facilities. One of the concerns many people have is about the cost of treatment.

Treatment facilities vary in all sorts of ways. Some facilities are focused on inpatient treatment, a residency-style program set to last for a certain length of time. While other clinics provide only outpatient care. Some have medical detox options, while others don’t.

Each facility also has different thoughts on what effective treatments are. Though there is not necessarily a right or wrong methodology, it’s been shown that some things tend to work better than others. One of those successful methods is customized inpatient care, which is usually paid for out of pocket.

Treatment centers are often divided into public and private clinics. Public clinics are more affordable and usually covered by Canadian healthcare. However, because they are government-funded, there may be more difficulties finding a space. With addiction growing, wait times are getting longer at public clinics.

This can be terrifying for family members seeking immediate help for a loved one spiraling out of control in need of a full intervention.

Public clinics are also somewhat limited in their services as they have a tighter budget. For some, this may be the only affordable option.

However, there are some significant benefits for those who can opt for private rehab care. The facilities almost always have a lower patient-to-therapist ratio allowing for programs to be individually tailored and generally longer sessions.

Private facilities also can extend the length of stays to suit the individual addiction. In contrast, public facilities often have shorter inpatient programs due to budgetary issues or no inpatient options at all.

There is no question that addiction treatment is expensive. Most private facilities have high-class accommodations and additional benefits, including mental health, nutritional, and fitness options.

Recovery is a journey, and private costs can range from $300 a day to $1200 per day. However, suppose these are unattainable even after checking with insurance options and other financial assistance programs. In that case, everyone should know that there are programs to get help regardless of income. Addiction should never be ignored.

About 1000 Island Addictions Treatment Center

1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Center is a focused inpatient facility. They have trained mental health professionals, nurses, and even nutritional and fitness experts on staff subscribing to a whole-body form of treatment. They also offer intervention services as well as medically supervised detox. All programs are tailored personally but include things like individual and group therapy, education, and even meditation.

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