Wireless fast-charging phone mount for car dashboard is equipped with Intelligent Sensor and suited for the iPhone 13/12 Series

RETECK Wireless Car Charger & Phone Mount has been launched today on Kickstart, to make the wireless on-the-go phone charging experience smart, fast, and easy.

While conventional wireless phone mounts don’t allow users to adjust or fix a certain position for their phones and require them to be placed on the air conditioning outlets, blocking the cold air, RETECK works differently.

RETECK features an intelligent induction panel design that activates the wireless charging function of the phone mount once the phone is attached, even if the phone has its protective case on. The charger will tightly hold the phone steady through magnetic induction, and it will automatically lift the phone upwards, although it allows users to change position and angle.

This car charger has a built-in cooling fan working at 6500rpm will automatically dissipate heat to protect your phone from overheating. Its built-in temperature sensor chip will smartly detect elevated temperatures if the user’s phone starts to overheat despite the effect of the charger’s also built-in cooling fan. In this case, the sensor will trigger a charging power reduction if and as soon as the phone temperature exceeds 60℃. This will cool down the phone, keep it charging, and the same sensor will trigger a charging power increase again as soon as it senses the temperature low again and safe enough to resume fast-charging.

This is truly ground-breaking because, in a nutshell, the user doesn’t need to worry about anything. The phone is easily accessible to facilitate the use of navigation maps or to answer calls, it’s kept on the dashboard securely and without covering the air outlet, and it’s safely charged through a smart system that is designed to prevent overheating, no matter what happens.

For increased safety, RETECK suction up will keep the phone firmly secured and its auto-lock charging area also has a built-in magnet ring for more efficiency. Designed with the QC3.0 protocol and supporting 15W wireless charging, RETECK can fully charge a phone swiftly, but it also works as an extra convenient phone mount for non-wireless-charging phones. Even if you just need to charge it with a cable, RETECK will hold your phone tightly and will keep it from overheating.

The RETECK campaign on Kickstarter is seeking to fund the large-scale production of the wireless car charger. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the device.

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