Resoomer Announces the Introduction of New Features to the Platform

Innovative online summary service, Resoomer, introduces new features and functionalities to help users summarize their texts and increase productivity

The team behind the groundbreaking automatic text summary platform, Resoomer, is not resting in the pursuit of delivering an amazing experience to all categories of users, a claim substantiated by the recent addition of new features to the offerings. Resoomer was designed as a 100% free online service to summarize texts, articles, or documents, with a user-friendly interface that enables users to get the crux of any content without spending long hours or breaking the bank to pay for writing tools or services.

One of the major challenges faced by millions of people in different parts of the world, especially individuals that work with a large volume of texts or articles is summarizing the content without giving up the main message. Over the years, tech companies and other experts in the content creation industry have come up with several tools and services to help summarize texts. Unfortunately, many of such solutions have not effectively addressed the concerns of users due to the lack of reliability and the exorbitant fees charged by service providers. However, Resoomer seems to be challenging the status quo judging the reviews pouring in from users in different parts of the world.

The multi-lingual platform is designed to identify the important ideas and facts in a text, providing users with an educational tool to summarize content in 1 click. Resoomer is versatile and has an easy-to-navigate interface compatible with argumentative texts, articles, scientific texts, history texts as well as well-structured analyses of works of art. The online summary tool can be used by publishers, readers, college students, professors, and even journalists. It is also becoming the preferred solution for a good number of editors, librarians, libraries, writers, institutions – educational and non-educational, and writers across genres.

Resoomer comes as a web-based summary tool for copying and pasting content or as an extension for web browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome for online articles, summarizing texts in 500 words. The tool continues to enjoy rave reviews from users in different parts of the world. “You might try an online text summarizer like Resoomer. It’s nice and the algorithm is pretty accurate at summarization.” – John Sullivan.

For further information about Resoomer and to join the long list of individuals and organizations leveraging the features of the summary tool, visit – and Twitter.

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