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Natick, MA — (ReleaseWire) — 05/23/2022 — CBD wellness is more than a trending interest among those seeking naturopathic or holistic solutions to day-to-day discomfort.

CBD products can be a research-backed option for those who would like to augment traditional therapies and treatments with some at-home self-care.

How will you incorporate CBD products into your life?

Types of CBD Wellness Products
There are a variety of different ways to use CBD products. There are ingestible products like these:

CBD gummies
CBD oils and tinctures
CBD syrups
CBD beverages and drink mixes
CBD capsules

There are also topical CBD products that many people prefer, including these:

CBD lip balm
CBD stick
CBD cream
CBD lotion
CBD spray

Some people use vapes for CBD, add the tinctures or oils to their food or other beverages, and even give CBD to their dogs.

CBD is all about total wellness, and there are enough options and types of products to ensure that everyone finds something that suits their personality and preference.

Finding Wellness With CBD

There are more and more studies being released that support the use of CBD for a number of purposes, including to potentially manage pain, address insomnia, and find relaxation in the face of anxiety.

Different servings sizes have a positive impact on different people, but the results are individual. It may be helpful to experiment with available CBD products to find what serving size is most impactful for you as well as find the method of ingestion that is most comfortable.

In general, it is recommended to always start out with small servings and add more as needed until you find the right level for your needs.

CBD Products Alone or in Combination

CBD products usually come in a range of serving sizes. For example, you can find Reliva CBD wellness tincture in 250 mg servings or in 1000 mg servings, with a lot of choices in between. Some people choose a serving of stronger oil at night when it’s time to go to sleep and something lighter during the day.

Others mix and match products, using CBD oil or capsules as their mainstay, and then augmenting with CBD gummies or topical CBD products during the day or as needed.

People who use CBD to potentially manage a physical ache or pain often choose to use ingestible versions of CBD in combination with a topical CBD stick, cream, or lotion.

Reliva CBD Is Ready for You Today

Reliva offers a huge selection of CBD products to choose from, ensuring that consumers can mix and match, according to their needs. We even offer different flavors including mint, berry, and unflavored options in many different products.

If you’re unsure which product to try first or how to use any CBD product in the Reliva line, simply reach out with your questions. We are here to support you and your journey toward personal wellness.

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