Natick, MA — (ReleaseWire) — 05/23/2022 — Microdosing CBD is trending, giving users of the product the chance to dial in the amount of CBD that they have in their system at any given time.

There are a number of products that support this practice as CBD users look to maintain a low level of CBD in their system throughout the day. CBD drink mixes by Reliva are a great way to manage CBD levels and encourage hydration.

Here’s how they work.

Layering CBD Products
In order to sustain levels of CBD throughout the day or to maintain a lower level of CBD in the system during the workday, many people will use a CBD soft gel or a CBD oil in the morning and/or in the evening.

Throughout the day, if an extra boost is needed, a simple and quick solution is to use a CBD product with a low serving size of CBD extract. One of the favorite ways to do this is to use CBD drink mixes.

Reliva CBD Drink Mixes
CBD drink mixes by Reliva come in three different flavors: citrus, grape, and unflavored. Each packet contains a 25 milligram serving of CBD extract. It is easily ingested by stirring into a favorite beverage and can be consumed any time of the day.

Many people appreciate the fact that the mix can be used with any drink. Some people have reported using it in their mid-morning coffee or later in the afternoon lunch.

Still others report that the drink mixes help them to stay hydrated throughout the day, and the flavored drink mixes make water taste much better.

For CBD users who prefer not to advertise their use of CBD during the day or when they are out with friends, it’s easy to pour the drink mix into a water bottle, shake, and go.

For those who prefer a quick “shot” of CBD and a double serving size of CBD extract, the 2 ounce Berry CBD Shot by Reliva offers 50 milligrams of CBD and can be consumed quickly.

Both the Reliva drink mixes and the CBD Shot by Reliva have 0% THC and use CBD extract made from hemp of US origin that is registered industrial hemp.

Is It Time to Add CBD Drink Mixes to Your Day?
Many people experience increased calm and focus when they ingest CBD orally throughout the day. Reliva’s drink mixes also encourage regular hydration, which is a great benefit to healthy function mentally and physically.

If you would like to try the Citrus CBD Drink Mix or Grape CBD Drink Mix, or if you prefer the unflavored CBD Drink Mix, head over to Reliva’s shop and explore your options. It’s a great way to try a small serving size of CBD or manage your CBD levels throughout the day.

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