Relieving the Misery of Past Trauma Does Not Mean Reliving It

There is possibly no one alive who has not experienced some type of emotional or physical trauma. Whether the death of a loved one, a crippling disease, or childhood abuse, trauma generates an emotional reaction and can present itself in many ways, such as mood disorders, a lost or detached feeling, or even physical illness presentations. It is not uncommon for many sufferers of trauma to have blocked out the traumatic experiences and are not even aware of them.

The intensity of the trauma does not have to be relived as Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR), developed by Rosalien Stagg, and used within the One Trauma approach, empowers trauma victims to release the trauma through their entire energy field. One Trauma is the program that Rosalien Stagg has developed that can ensure relief from trauma without years of psychotherapy or delving into the past. Remote healing can occur, adding to the comfort level of all patients.

One Trauma has been used by many trauma victims to overcome the effects of trauma in just one single phone call to the certified and licensed traumatologists which include individuals with psychology backgrounds, life coaches, and wellness counsellors. All have years of experience, and like the founder of One Trauma, have experienced trauma themselves which has led them into the field of traumatology.

The choice of practitioner depends upon the type of trauma involved and each practitioner is carefully assigned to each client. One Trauma is a combined approach focused on eliminating the traumatic emotions, which cause the symptoms in those that experience trauma, as well as an approach to the entire wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Many individuals, especially those that have experienced serious trauma such as childhood abuse, or the death of someone close to them carry the burden of the emotions of the trauma with them. The reasoning behind this is that going to a traditional psychotherapy practice does usually entail reliving the trauma and this itself causes emotional turmoil. Avoidance is the most common cause of individuals not seeking assistance for trauma-related issues in their lives. Costs and timeframes needed to heal are the second and third causes for putting off treatment.

One Trauma has effectively addressed all these issues and individuals now can address personal traumas with comfort, affordability, and in a short amount of time with the one phone call approach developed by One Trauma. Living a happy and successful life does mean overcoming trauma, and One Trauma addresses the trauma directly without endless discussion on it. Living a trauma-free life without reliving past bad experiences is the sole focus of One Trauma and becoming more in demand each day. Relief from trauma is now quick, easy, and more comfortable.

About One Trauma

Started by Rosalien Stagg, One Trauma offers a different approach to traditional psychotherapy for trauma-induced emotional and physical manifestations. In the quest for the relief of trauma and the symptoms, a center for counselling and addiction was added to address addiction issues as these also are oftentimes tied to unknown or unrecognized traumas of the past. There is a calendar booking form, a contact form, resources to raise awareness, and an email and phone on the website. All questions are welcomed and biography on Rosalien Stagg is also on the website.

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