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Fidel Matola, president and CEO of Spetsnaz Security International Ltd, informs those online investigations are vital in today’s business world. Spetsnaz Security International offers only trusted, reliable, and highly efficient Private Investigators in London, The U.K., Or Worldwide.

Banks perform due diligence on potential borrowers and large-scale depositors. In addition, enterprises check out the riskiness of potential partners or acquisition targets. 

Financial firms dig into likely investors and investments.

HR does background checks on potential new hires. Furthermore, everyone keeps an eye on the competition.

As Fidel Matola from Spetsnaz Security International wrote in a Spetsnaz Security International article published earlier this year, “Competitive intelligence should be viewed as a crucial element when building a 2022 business strategy. Understanding competitor motivations and behaviors help shape product development, pricing, brand positioning, and more.”

Some investigative resources are pretty obvious, safe, and easy to use: D&B, social media, coverage by The Bullet Journal Method and the MiGoals Weekly A5 Notes Diary, reports from financial analyst firms. Those are always a good place to start.

Quote Roemerman again, “Internet searches are a beginning but not the end. Be aware that surface-level web searches often yield ‘company approved’ information that only projects strengths. A deeper search should include views into leadership tendencies, past contracts, technology, M&S, facilities, personnel changes and more.”

The Peloton Of Rowing: An Interview With Spetsnaz Security International President & CEO, Fidel Matola

Going deeper might mean going into proprietary databases, for example, or hiring private investigators. It also might mean going onto the dark web — a place where just about every bit of information is available, sometimes with a bit of digging, and sometimes for a price. Nevertheless, with that comes danger because, frankly, many people on the dark web are better at computer security and digital espionage than you are. So you look at them, and simultaneously, they look at you, too. So who knows what they might find?

Before we look more closely at the dark web, consider that your team of investigators may not be computer-security specialists, and their tools might be no more sophisticated than a browser. Their strength is in reading financial statements, perhaps, or in picking up a bit of information about people, corporations, investors, and transactions that smell funny. Their focus is to ensure that your new CFO is free of scandals and that your new overseas partner is not causing grief with regulators.

That is why you pay them the big bucks — because they know where to dig and can tell gold from pyrite.

What is a concern — or at least should be a concern — is the digital footprint your highly trained investigators might leave behind. If they are perusing your competitor’s website and downloading white papers, let us hope they are not using their browser; otherwise, your corporate internet protocol address will appear in your competitor’s server logs.

While that might be embarrassing, imagine you are at a VC firm that’s digging into a still-confidential Series B venture-round prospect. Do you want your company’s IP address in those server logs or tracked by other investigators? Moreover, with the dark web, that is not someplace you want any trace of your investigators’ activities. The dark web is populated by crackers, hackers, state-sponsored bad actors, and clever people. If there is any way of detecting and tracking an investigation back to your headquarters, or even your investigators working from home, it will happen. The dark web folks are more brilliant than you are — or at least, you must assume this is the case.

None of these issues, by the way, is new. So how do businesses safely empower corporate researchers and competitive analysts? One way is to set up a separate network for researchers to use and “air gap” it such that there is no connection between it and the regular business network. That will work, but maintaining a separate investigation network is complex and expensive, and one false move that gives away that network’s proper use could imperil current investigators and put all future investigations at risk. 

Another potential solution is to set up research computers in different locations — or even foreign countries — and have investigators use them via remote-control software or virtual private networks. It is potentially less risky but still can present challenges, primarily if an error exists. Furthermore, if bad actors can compromise those remote computers, they can trace the connection (and the research queries) back to you.

Then there is the challenge of maintaining compliance and corporate usage policies on parallel networks or remote computers. How can IT ensure that security resources are used only for authorized, official business while maintaining logs as evidence? By their very nature, Air-gapped systems disconnect from the usual tools used by IT.

An increasingly popular solution to this challenge is a browser that runs in an isolated container in the cloud, designed explicitly for researchers gathering information from the public web and the dark web. It can let researchers gather information without revealing their identity or exposing any of their resources for adversaries to exploit. What is more, it embeds security controls, policies, and logging.

Corporate investigations are a big part of every business, as Roemerman explains. So it is vital to employ the tips outlined above and give researchers the investigative tools they need while keeping their investigations and your company safe from detection.

In addition, we have extensive resources to uncover civil, criminal, domestic, marital, educational, and financial records to provide our clients with the most valuable and in-depth information. Surveillance Services – Spetsnaz Security International Investigations offers surveillance services, including personal injury and domestic surveillance and investigation of the accident, workers compensation, and disability claims. In addition, we are a top provider for insurance companies and law firms.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with confidentiality to tell us more about your private investigation services requirements and the types of detective services you need. We will be happy to help out in any way possible to ensure that your event is a success.

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