Reasons Why Competitive Cheerleading Continues to Grow in Popularity Throughout America!

Competitive cheerleading is the latest innovation in the sport, and it’s doing wonders for young women everywhere

Hilliard, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 03/21/2022 — Until recent years, cheerleading was something that was reserved for older girls and boys in middle school and high school years, but that’s all changing due to the emergence of competitive cheerleading throughout the United States!

Competitive cheerleading is different compared to traditional cheerleading because it entails more elaborate gymnastics and aerial stunts, and of course teams are competing with one another for prizes and other accolades. Competitive cheer is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in America, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

ARES Sportswear is a custom cheer apparel team based in Ohio that’s been at the forefront of the competitive cheer movement, and their experts have concluded that competitive cheerleading has continued to exponentially grow in popularity in recent years for the following reasons:

Competitive Cheer Is Great For The Self-Esteem Of Young Girls

It’s not hard to imagine how exhilarating it can be to tumble across gym floors in a human blur of power and flexibility, and learning gymnastics moves that most people don’t get the chance to learn is a big part of what keeps competitive cheerleaders wanting to learn more each season.

So it’s safe to say that competitive cheerleading is empowering young girls and preparing them for all sorts of new skills!

Competitive Cheer Does Wonders For Performance Skills

Competitive cheerleaders of all ages are getting on stages and truly giving everything they have in front of hundreds of people on a regular basis, and these experiences are helping to develop young teenagers and adults that are well-prepared for public speaking, presentations and all sorts of assignments that are regularly experienced in adult life.

Competitive cheer is proving to support young girls by helping them not shy away from spotlight opportunities, and it’s a major component of how the sport is developing strong young people!

Competitive Cheer Offers Incredible Balance, Endurance, And Flexibility Exercises

Every kid needs a ton of exercise, and competitive cheer just so happens to be one heck of a workout for countless young girls and boys! Many schools are limiting P.E. hours, which is why parents are doing their best to creatively place exercises in their child’s daily routines.

Competitive cheer practices go above and beyond to ensure that every cheerleader is increasing their balance, strength, endurance and overall flexibility in a whole variety of ways.

Competitive Cheer Is A Great Team Sport

Competitive cheer is much different than traditional cheerleading because cheer teams are competing against one another via professional judging, which subsequently does wonders for team building in young athletes. Everyone is sharing the stage and pressure as a team when cheerleading competitively, and this helps young athletes better understand what it means to be a good teammate.

No one wants to let their team down, and training and competing as a team helps build priceless friendships that last a lifetime!

Competitive Cheer Is A LOT Of Fun!
Every kid just wants to have fun, as they should! Competitive cheerleaders will train hard and push themselves to new limits while learning all sorts of new gymnastics and performing skills.

And having fun is what cheerleading truly is all about!

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