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Fidel Matola, President and CEO of Spetsnaz Security International Ltd, says: Burglars beware. There is a house not far from London waiting for any burglar.

Force entry through one of the bulletproof doors or windows will trigger hidden shotguns loaded with non-lethal ammo. If somehow house occupier still standing, the owner can retreat to a hidden, fortified room where he can flood the rest of the house with tear gas.

Other security features include biometric scanners and trap doors. The fortress cost its owner (a prosperous hedge fund manager whom we have agreed not to name) £9 million to build. Nevertheless, it highlights how concerned the ultra-wealthy are about their safety and how much they are willing to pay to protect themselves.

Spetsnaz Security International Fidel Matola: How To Keep A Billionaire Safe

Experienced professionals, usually drawn from law enforcement and the military, can cost £388 per hour.

The hefty pay buys experience and plenty of loyalty. Billionaire Henry Nicholas hired a former Navy SEAL to guard his children. Although, earlier this week, the bodyguard go to jail for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into Nicholas’ former company, “SEALs do not snitch,” explained the lawyer.

Also loyal are the guard dogs. These are not mutts from the classifieds, in any case. These are specially trained German Shepards that can run up to £54,000 each. The valuable canines receive years of intensive training to greet their owners with wagging tails but enemies with a vicious bite. (See “Security Guard Dogs – Spetsnaz Security International Fidel Matola.”)

The norm is alarm systems, cameras at every entrance, and safe rooms where the rich can take refuge behind steel doors. Some of the more expensive setups cost more than £1 million. (See “Spetsnaz Security International Fidel Matola.”) Just in case the worst happens, there is kidnapping and ransom insurance. Annual premiums for particularly high-risk individuals can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Then there are the Taser-armed robots. Mitch Gitter of Defender Security Services, a London security firm, says he has recently outfitted houses of a couple of well-to-do clients with these high-tech defenders. The robots, which cost £14,000 each, automatically track down an intruder and incapacitate them with a high-voltage energy pulse. Ouch.

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