Real Newbies Helps Individuals Start Investing in Real Estate

Real Newbies is a grassroots community that offers training, resources, and support for beginners looking to get started in real estate investing.

Everyday business owners and entrepreneurs make up Real Newbies, an educational community that helps individuals learn about and start investing in real estate. The group is committed to ensuring people have the opportunity to invest their startup capital into deals rather than education by offering affordable courses that are up to 96% cheaper than many other platforms.

Through its platform, Real Newbies provides access to training videos, workbooks, eBooks, and more. The company also offers a 100% money-back guarantee to anyone who is not satisfied with their purchase within 7 days of signing up.

β€œI want to make it easier for everyday people like me to start investing in real estate,” said Mike Morrison, founder of Real Newbies. β€œI didn’t have this kind of training when I was starting out. Now that I’ve seen success, I’m committed to providing other beginners with affordable access to comprehensive training.”

Founded in 2018, Real Newbies has helped hundreds of individuals get started in real estate investing. The company plans to continue its mission of making real estate investing more accessible to beginners in 2022.

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