Rap Check Emerges as the Leading Rapper Company in Germany With Many Hit Tracks

Berlin – Rap Check is a popular platform for young rappers in Austria and Switzerland to show their skills. However, news about established rappers such as Bushido, Capital Bra, and Manuellsen has bolstered the channel’s rapid growth. Today the channel is number one in the business.

In German-speaking countries, “Rap Check” is one of the most popular hip-hop news sites. Since 2017, the founder, MEMO, has informed the community about what is happening in the rap world and garnered around 660,000 subscribers on YouTube very quickly. Rap Check’s red stamp logo is now a brand in Germany that constantly makes headlines. Rap Check typically publishes breaking rap news first. 


“I realized the potential in this branch fast and developed a concept that fits in the present day. That’s why Rap Check grew so fast.” – Said in a live interview.

A rapper invited the Rap Check to America, and he was just curious who exactly he would meet there. Many people said BUSHIDO or 6IX9INE, but when the rapper got there, he was just surprised!

Rap Check spent a few days in America, and it was just fantastic! Viewers can visit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTT-StAK1_g and watch the complete video later, there will also be an interview at BIG MEMO, and he visited the recording studio where 2PAC and BIGGIE were and showed them everything.

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“Everyone knows the red logo from Rap Check, and everyone wants to be in a Rap Check video. Some people offer to pay me that I’ll report about them, because when you make it on Rap Check you’ve made it in the rap world” – Memo, Founder of Rap Check.  Company Information: Rap Check is a rap news platform with headquarters in Berlin. The company was founded on April 4, 2017. Since then, Rap Check has made over 5,000 videos about the German rap scene. Rap Check is one of the larger channels on YouTube, with 660,000 subscribers. The channel and company were founded by Memo.

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