Rainmaker Lifestyle Business Consultants Are Proud to Support the Raising Royalty Kingdom Business Summit

Small business owners have been hit the hardest. In 2020, over 200,000 businesses closed because of the pandemic in the US alone. The reality has not changed towards good yet. To take the Future in right direction It’s time to fight back to establish and better economy and life standards. To do that it’s going to take immense courage. 

Summit starts Friday 18 February PST, 31 expert speakers who have generously given their time to help people in these troubled times. The summit free access is open now, join the limited offer.

Has any one wondered why Small business across the globe has suffered whereas corporate who influence the market as well as governments has exponentially grew themselves. well the answers is simple, the money paid by global citizens as tax, insurance and in all form financial instrument is routed to form policy for influencing the market, in the game of capitalism making weak more weaker and rich more richer.

Now is the time to break control from wealthy elites who think they have the right to decide about future of masses. World has seen many models now that can help in this direction.

However the question remains the same how?

Although answer is very simple STOP funding them with banking and insurance so that the power can distributed fairly. But these are not easy debates.

Organizers shared that the Kingdom Business Summit will host 31 international speakers. These industry experts will share there vision on future answering these prime questions.

Prime focus of the summit will be towards how to actually do that.

Need for new banking and insurance options, new economies, new financial systems founded on blueprints from Heaven that mass produce abundance on the Earth is now more than ever,

You can learn all about the Kingdom Business Summit here

The site also provides ways to Generate and mange multiple income streams.

You can also join the submit live from here  

As it is, there are individuals who steward trillions of dollars. The same wealth that could be used  to solve all bad water and food shortage issues in under 12 months.

Instead wealth is used  to create chaos. When millions of people start unsubscribing from corrupt financial institutions and subscribe to new financial systems that share wealth and invest in Heaven on Earth, will result in massive wealth transfer.

The great wealth transfer that has been prophesied for decades is happening right now, but it’s not happening by just “magically depositing” funds into your bank.

It’s happening when entirely when new financial systems and vehicles are created that give people the option to subscribe to a better, brighter, freedom filled future.

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