Rafael “Ray” Estrada and the Estrada Global Foundation Are Working Tirelessly to Provide Aid and Support to Refugees and Displaced Citizens at Home and Around the World.

The Estrada Global Foundation (EGF) is a leading humanitarian organization that provides aid to displaced individuals worldwide, offering food relief, financial support, and educational opportunities. Founded in 2019 by Nicaraguan American Rafael “Ray” Estrada, EGF has assisted hundreds of families across three continents, with a focus on refugees in Costa Rica, Spain, and Slovakia.

As millions of people are forced to leave their homes due to autocracy, conflict, human rights abuses, and terrorism, the Estrada Global Foundation was born out of a desire to assist those in need by providing direct aid that helps provide for their basic needs and safety.

Since 2019, the foundation has provided tons of food and materials to those forced to leave their homes on three continents, helping hundreds of families build new lives and lessen the burden on host nations. Their efforts have successfully provided food relief for hundreds of refugees annually in Costa Rica, financing equipment for entrepreneurs, rent relief, and scholarships for students to continue their education.

Additionally, the Estrada Global Foundation has provided rent relief to refugees in Spain, funding for food supplies, and financial support for exiled journalists. In 2022 EGF, in partnership with other NGOs, successfully provided aid to refugees in Slovakia who fled the war in their homeland, Ukraine. Locally, EGF started the “Nazarene Bread Basket” project. This program has provided over 500,000 meals to families in Central Illinois, including veterans and senior citizens. EGF continues to provide food relief to local families affected by the high inflation and the high cost of food. 

The foundation’s micro-finance program is an innovative initiative that helps refugees rebuild small businesses and become self-sufficient, contributing to the economies of the nations in which they live. In addition, the program aids in their integration with their new communities, generates goodwill, and prepares them financially to return to their home nations one day.

Rafael “Ray” Estrada, a Nicaraguan American, serves as Chairman of the Estrada Global Foundation and President of the Free and Fair Foundation. Having fled his country when he was a 12 year old child, Mr. Estrada is committed to fighting for democracy, free and fair elections, and to articulate human rights abuses worldwide. He regularly meets with several members of the United States Congress and government officials to bring attention to the political challenges of the hemisphere and to push for political action against those nations that continue to hold political prisoners and commit human rights abuses against their citizens. Mr. Estrada has testified in the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in the United States Congress and in October of 2022, Mr. Estrada met with officials of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to address the crisis of refugees from South America and Africa who had arrived in Costa Rica on their journey north to the United States. 

The Estrada Global Foundation is an approved 501(c)3 public charity. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please visit the foundation’s website at estradaglobalfoundation.org to become a program sponsor or donate. 

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