Quantum Synergy Art: Could It Be There Is More Than the Eye Can See?

Many do not realize it, but there is an absolute connection between art and science. One artist is reaching out to this connection and bringing it back for many to see, marvel and enjoy. 

T.H. Saunders has been an artist for many years and recently began looking more closely into the correlation between science and art. One of his interests has revolved around using the trace chemical essences of media to create microscopic crystals. This creates unique imaging, unmatched within current artist circles. 

He refers to the work as Quantum Synergy Art and has created quite a following. One such follower, Ludwig Eckl, has adopted the same approach to art as Saunders. It started, as Eckl said, with a very specific camera. 

“I saw his work and supplied the Jenoptik ProgRes and later Gryphax Prokyon microscope camera. I knew then I was hooked and had to learn more about this technique,” said Eckl. 

T.H. Saunders developed and perfected this process over the last 20 years. It is about extracting the essences or molecular chemistry of a material, later used in forming microscopic crystals, observing them and capturing their images with a powerful microscope.

While some claim that the images these crystals reveal, are based on theories of quantum entanglement, Saunders says he hears about all sorts of theories, keeps an open mind, but makes no judgements. “For now, this is an art process, let’s leave it at that!” 

Does the microscopic imaging involve capturing the state of molecules and particles in time, bringing them to life? That discussion is about as conclusive as arguing how many angels can stand on the head of a pin – just never stop exploring and questioning. 

T.H. Saunders has a short dedicated YouTube video explaining his techniques and the art created. Visit https://youtu.be/wUboJe_PRrA to see the art unfold. For more information, visit the website at www.th-saunders.com.

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