Public Survey Research Reveals Which Demographic Segments Support Migration in the EU


Scope of research

The research was targeted to a broad range of respondents in Austria, Spain, Sweden, France, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, and Greece.

Key research results:

  • 26.5% of respondents accept migration
  • 17.5% of respondents accept migration if it’s legal
  • Over 56% of respondents do not support any form of migration
  • Migration is least supported by EU citizens between 40 to 47 years old
  • Migration is most opposed in Hungary and Italy
  • Migration is most supported in Germany and Austria
  • Singles are more accepting than people in marriage or relationship
  • Migration is most supported by low and mid-income people with liberal political views, while high-income liberals are not supportive

Data can be segmented by political views, income level, gender, age, and marital status.

EU migration support statistics 2021 by country

Research summary

  • Respondents: 2,000
  • Completed on 11/12/2021

Disclaimer: The research was not sponsored by any public or political organization.

Open the below interactive dashboard to access all data.

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