Public opinion research

Measure public perceptions by demographics

Collect rich data about what different groups of people think about various things. Learn which segments of your research have strong feelings or opinions, which demographics are the most indifferent, and more.

Find out what people actually care about

See beyond the hype and media noise and learn what your target demographics actually care about. Get direct insights from large or small groups of respondents, from multiple social or cultural backgrounds.

Reflect public beliefs and concerns

Dig deeper into public concerns and popular beliefs and discover what matters for whom, and why. Whether it’s debunking popular opinions or media narratives, asking people directly is the best way to understand public concerns.

Fast research to complex studies

Trends and public opinions change fast. Our system can capture and process over 2,000 responses daily, which enables you to get feedback from large samples really fast.

Common use cases

Market Sampler is used by companies, political groups, associations, and individuals from all walks of life. Discover how other people use our system to collect information from people who matter to them.