According to recent news, the world’s first DAO platform PtahDAO has been launched globally. 2022 is a turning point in the development of blockchain. Traditional finance is accelerating its transformation and using blockchain technology to upgrade itself. PtahDAO is a breakthrough combination of blockchain technology and financial investment, dedicated to the governance logic and rules of DAO, providing inclusive financial services and driving financial innovation.


PtahDAO is not just about migrating trust products or services to the chain. As the world’s first DAO governance asset trust project, its value lies in providing users with a completely transparent, fair and democratic experience with the real DAO concept.Web3.0 laboratory empowers the real economy. As the core strategic transformation of LMR Partners, the laboratory focuses on cutting-edge technology research, blockchain development, system integration, software development, smart contract development, etc., accumulates experience in independent research and development and blockchain technology, and fully grasps the underlying innovation capabilities of blockchain technology to achieve comprehensive integration with traditional finance, digital ecology, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things.

PtahDAO products are highly liquid and autonomous. By establishing an effective technical system, reducing costs, preventing risks, and empowering the real economy.

Since trust asset allocation has the characteristics of low risk and high return, PtahDAO’s combination of blockchain technology and trust asset allocation is a breakthrough. It follows the governance logic and rules of DAO, not only provides high returns and low risks, but also participates in all decentralized governance models, providing more open, transparent, low-threshold, and convenient financial services in a fair decentralized trading ecosystem. According to reliable estimates, PtahDAO gives customers a huge boost.

PtahDAO ensures a high degree of trust in smart contracts and absolutely protects the assets of billions of users through the continuous iteration of decentralized technology based on ideas and technologies. The global launch of PtahDAO will bring global users more open and transparent financial services with lower barriers to entry and more convenient operations, as well as a fair decentralized trading ecosystem. The global launch of PtahDAO marks a milestone in the breakthrough combination of blockchain technology and financial investment, which will inject new vitality and impetus into the global financial market.

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