Promodex Is Helping Reach Thousands of High-Quality Influencers Worldwide

Promodex is one of the leading marketplaces to connect advertisers, campaigners, and influencers while leveraging new age generation influencer marketing technology.

Online shopping from e-commerce platforms turns into social shopping habits. According to a study published in Forbes, 7 out of 10 people trust influencers’ recommendations as much as they trust their friends. Influencers are strengthening their position in e-commerce day by day. Blockchain technologies, on the other hand, bring campaigners and influencers together, initiating the “programmatic promotion” era in marketing.

In influencer marketing, celebrities with millions of followers leave their places to micro and even nano influencers with smaller but loyal followers. On the other hand, the widespread use of blockchain technology draws the attention of marketing experts.

Mikail Gökmen, the CEO of programmatic promotion marketplace Promodex, shared his views on the subject. The CEO Gökmen said: “Researches show that 20 average influencers with a total of 1 million followers are actually much more effective than 1 mega influencer with the same number of followers. Despite this, many brands still choose to cooperate with mega-influencers”

They believe that this problem stems from the inability of influencer marketing to gain a programmatic structure. With this insight, Promodex came to life. Promodex is the programmatic promotion marketplace, which aims to bring together brands and campaigners with influential individuals of social media on the blockchain. Promodex is on its way to becoming a comprehensive platform, which offers all the possibilities of the blockchain, from the utility token named PROMO, which has started to be sold, UTM code for each campaign, advanced targeting possibilities, stake rewards, and algorithmic reward calculation features.

According to the report of the Advertisers Association, which evaluated the first six months of last year, programmatic advertisements constitute 74 percent of digital media investments in Turkey.

Noting that brands in Turkey are used to programmatic advertisements, Mikail Gökmen emphasizes that a similar flow can be used for influencer marketing. Mikail Gökmen notes that brands in Turkey are used to programmatic advertisements. He emphasizes that a similar flow can also be used for influencer marketing.

Promodex was established to programmatize campaigns with influencers on social media. Brands and campaign owners can start campaigns with high-rated influencers in any language or social media channel, on the platform. In this way, campaign owners can programmatically reach celebrities who can create the highest impact for their campaigns, as if they were advertising on Instagram. With Promodex, micro and nano influencers with fewer followers can obtain PROMO tokens at special prices for influencers; while on the other hand, they have the chance to earn income to the extent of their potential and scores. PROMO token, which we have started to sell recently, is the utility token of the platform and has 900 million total supply.

Emphasizing that all transactions on the platform are protected on the blockchain through smart contracts, Gökmen concluded his words with: “Promodex is not just a marketplace to advertisers, campaigners, or influencers.  It invites everyone who is interested in being one of the first users of a new generation influencer marketing technology created with promising blockchain infrastructure. At the end of this year, we are planning to announce our iOS and Android applications.”

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