Project Shield, a Newly Launched NFT Agency Is Providing Security for NFT Investors and Startup Funds for New Projects

The goal of Project Shield is to ensure that the NFT space is safe and secure while providing a level playing ground for authentic NFT projects to take off

As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) continue to take the world by storm and become an integral part of personal finance and investments, it is necessary to ensure the security of people’s investments while making it possible for newer projects to come to the limelight. The NFT market today is a minefield of danger – scams, fraud, and con artists are everywhere trying to market their products to unsuspecting individuals. Thousands of people have fallen victim to scams and failed NFT projects and there are more unscrupulous companies and individuals launching unprofitable projects.

On this note, Project Shield was launched to provide security and support for NFT projects, investors, and the space. Project Shield aims to be the ultimate security for NFT and blockchain projects. The platform provides a Shield of Trust for NFT projects that are vetted to be authentic and worthy of investments. They also provide startup funds to help new NFT projects get off the ground.

Speaking about the platform, Creator of the Project Shield agency, Thomas Schneringer had this to say, “We want our ‘Shield of Trust’ to be the Twitter verified check mark equivalent for NFTs. We want people to see our brand on an NFT project and know it’s a sound investment. We sell our Shield of Trust to projects that we evaluate for viability. The Shield of Trust provides potential project investors with an objective measure of the team’s trustworthiness. Before we give our Shield of Trust to a project, we carefully scrutinize the owners, project business plan, roadmap, financials and other factors.”

When an NFT project is vetted and given the Shield of Trust from Project Shield, the project and its investors will enjoy the platform’s real life insurance that will refund every holder 100 percent of the mint price of the NFT. As part of the vetting process of an NFT project, Project Shield will:

● doxx all owners

● set up multi signature wallets

● ensure that project owners get a sign off from a shield member to withdraw funds

● require the project owners to submit a budget along with a roadmap showing the project’s viability using the minted funds

“We aim to be the most trusted name in the NFT space. Our goal is to make the NFT space safe for mass adoption and attract names like Black Rock or Vanguard to start adding NFT’s to their portfolios,” added Thomas Schneringer.

The Project Shield platform is an innovation that is much needed by the NFT space. As the market continues to grow, it has become imperative to get a structure that checks the excesses of project creators while ensuring the safety of investors.

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About Project Shield

Project Shield is an NFT-based Company that serves as a seal of safety and provider of startup funds for new NFT projects. The platform aims to be the most trusted name in the NFT space while providing security for all who invest. Project Shield will guarantee that if a project cannot complete the road map, the holders can get a refund of their investment.

For further inquiries, email or follow Project Shield on Twitter @Pr0jectShield.

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