What happens when a marriage goes South? Project Paranoia explores depression & friendship while uncovering internal demons in the Aftermath of the COVID Pandemic.

Project Paranoia‘ is GoreCulture‘s first produced feature film and represents the directorial debut of horror filmmaker Francesco Monti. Award-winning horror filmmaker and actress Meosha Bean (Horror Noire, Meosha 2023) is on board as cinematographer, and assistant director while aiding in the production through her company M.V.B. Films. The film uses the found-footage approach to document the depth of depression and friendship between two friends in a situation that is more complicated and dark than it looks. While the story unfolds and the mystery deepens, the audience will choose who to believe.

In ‘Project Paranoia’

“The disappearance of Andrew’s wife lowers him into depression, but when a friend steps up to help him, deciding to spend a week at his house, things start to take a turn for the worse.”

The film star Andrew Lloyd Preston (Street Dreams Los Angeles, Duality), Luke Endyan (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever), Meosha Bean (Horror Noire, Anatomy of an Antihero Redemption), and Chelsea Davis.  Meosha Bean is also the cinematographer while the film associate producer is Andrew Lloyd Preston and the executive producer is Alyson Trotman.

This is what the director had to say about the film

“I directed Project Paranoia to change the stereotypes in found-footage horror films, where main characters almost always experience an extreme situation, most of the time very unrealistic – full of jump scares, and above all, shallow and foreseeable plots. The likelihood of someone recording while life-threatening situations unfold is always very questionable. I wanted to change this. After all, why can’t our deepest emotions be enough to create dread, suspense, and scare?

“I firmly believe that the scariest things out there can be those happening in our circle of trust: friends and family. What would you do if your best friend needed your help? How much would you endure?  If you needed to document what happens using a video camera, a tool that would ultimately help your friend feel better, why wouldn’t you do it? More than likely you would never leave their side, believing that your best friend – a person you have known your entire life – couldn’t be capable of unspeakable actions. This internal debate, the question of sanity, the reason for not believing something bad is happening, are powerful enough to keep you glued to the screen.”

“I believe that the simplest stories are the ones capable of leaving a mark. By exploring deep human emotions, Project Paranoia tackles issues of social anxiety, isolation, and mental depression in the aftermath of a pandemic that almost eradicated our standards of living. In the film what you see is not what you get. Things can change at any second, and viewers will find themselves in the shoes of the characters. In the movie, Andrew’s depression is a metaphor for human loneliness in a society that has turned to artifacts and technology rather than human connections. He’s a product of a damaged society that has instilled fear and paranoia in him. Has Andrew become a crazy and unstable individual or is the story that is not what it seems? You will be the judge.

“Each actor I chose brings their own distinctions. Andrew Preston, who plays Andrew Hall, was with me when I first envisioned the movie. I knew Andrew would be perfect for the role. I found Luke Endyan, who plays Sky Turner, through a casting call and immediately saw him in the film. His passion and sensibility were matches like no other. Meosha Bean, who plays Judith Walker, was immediately onboard as an actress as well as assistant director. I was drawn to her work after seeing her previous endeavors with Jordan Peele. Her remarkable interest in creating horror/thriller films makes her a very powerful black female filmmaker and a perfect choice for Project Paranoia. Last but not least, Chelsea Davis, who plays Carmen Hall, was found through collaborative research and well-suited for the role of Andrew’s wife. Every one of us, in making this film, has shed some personal attributions.

“This is not just a movie, it’s a collaborative effort made because we believe found footage doesn’t have to only reach the surface but can instead go deep and bring to life social issues as well as personal demons. I hope you find Project Paranoia to be breath of fresh air. Thank you and enjoy the film!”

Brain Damage Films has acquired the distribution rights for the film in North America and ‘Project Paranoia’ will hit VODs in 2023.

Check out the amazing posters below and check its IMDB page here!

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