Professional STEM Career Coaching for Women With Carol Dougherty

Carol Dougherty, STEM Career Coach
Now Is the Time for Women to Thrive in Their STEM Careers

MESA, AZ – Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are fields where women have historically found it difficult to advance in their professions. It’s not uncommon for women in STEM to be held to a different standard than men, feel stagnant in their current jobs, or doubt their career choice. With the millions of job openings and career opportunities as a result of the Great Resignation, however, there has never been a better time for women to forge successful careers that meet their needs and bring them maximum fulfillment. Through her professional career coaching services, Carol Dougherty, ChemE, MBA is helping women in STEM fields to achieve just that.

Carol has experienced the immense challenges of building a successful career in a STEM field firsthand. Over 30 years ago, she was employed as the only female engineer in a 50-person department. It took some time before Carol was able to advance from being dismissed as the “young girl” in the workplace to being seen as a highly qualified and respected expert in her field. Once a process engineer in a manufacturing facility, Carol was eventually able to advance to a leadership position where she was tasked with overseeing people at multiple domestic and international factories.

Her story is a testament to how women — rather than continuing to feel stuck in their jobs — can achieve career success in STEM professions. Now, as a certified life coach and member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) with over 30 years of professional experience at multiple organizations, Carol is passionate about using her wealth of knowledge and experiences to help empower other women and guide them forward.

Women who enroll in Carol’s career coaching program get to embark on a journey through which they develop the knowledge, confidence, and abilities needed to move from merely surviving in their careers to thriving. During the program, participants learn how to create a clear vision for their future, claim their unique superpowers, identify the various roadblocks that are preventing them from moving forward, and then put together an individualized action plan with practical next steps. By the end of the program, each woman is fully equipped to either make her next big career move or land a dream job that not only meets her needs but also fulfills her career goals.

For more information about Carol Dougherty, as well as her professional career coaching and training services, visit her website today. To sign up for Carol’s empowering coaching program, first book a free 30-minute Get UnStuck session here.

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