Marie-Eve Gagnon, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and founder of Slumber Time Solutions
Transforming Families Through the Power of Sleep

PORTLAND, OR – Most new parents know to expect a certain level of sleep deprivation when raising infants, toddlers, and small children. What they aren’t always told, however, is that this lack of sleep can negatively impact their whole family. Not only does sleep deprivation prevent the child from getting the rest needed for his or her body to recover and develop, but it also leaves parents feeling frustrated, hopeless, and flat-out exhausted. Marie-Eve Gagnon, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and founder of Slumber Time Solutions, is transforming families by helping each family member get the peaceful rest they need.

Marie-Eve’s passion for sleep coaching was sparked by her own experience with sleep deprivation. As a mother of two, Marie-Eve was no stranger to sleepless nights. Her daughter—now nine years old—started out sleeping poorly, an issue that is fairly common with newborns. As months passed, however, the poor sleeping habits didn’t improve. Rather, they only grew worse and worse until her daughter’s inability to sleep began to negatively affect Marie-Eve, her husband, and her family.

After reaching a breaking point, Marie-Eve eventually had success using Kim West’s book on sleep and was able to get her daughter to sleep through the night within only a few weeks! Seeing the radical transformation in not only her daughter but also her entire family, Marie-Eve joined the Gentle Sleep Coach training program in 2014 to become a professional sleep coach. Fast-forward to today and Marie-Eve has more than seven years of experience working with children from birth all the way up until the age of 10. By combining lessons from her own parenting experience with the important techniques she learned throughout her training, Marie-Eve offers a unique approach to sleep coaching that sets her apart from any other coach or program. She has worked with more than 1,000 families to date!

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sleep deprivation. The truth is that every child is different, which is why Marie-Eve prides herself on her ability to understand each child and craft a custom program for his or her unique needs. Through Marie-Eve’s Complete Sleep Transformation Package—designed for families with children between 4 months and 10 years old—parents learn how to develop a more effective bedtime routine for their child, enjoy uninterrupted sleep, reduce stress and worry, and find more time for themselves.

Over the course of this program, parents receive a host of personalized benefits—including a comprehensive assessment of their child’s history form, an initial 90-minute consultation, a custom sleep plan, email and text support, multiple 20-minute follow-up calls, and other valuable perks. What’s more, this program is made available to families worldwide, and at a price point, they can afford.

For more information about Marie-Eve Gagnon, her story, and her family sleep coaching programs, visit her website. To learn more about her Complete Sleep Transformation Package and enroll in the program today, click here.

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