Prof. Sehdev Kumar Launches Book, “7,000 Million Degrees of Freedom: One Earth, Seven Billion Worlds.”


Prof. Sehdev Kumar has recently released “7,000 Million Degrees of Freedom: One Earth, Seven Billion Worlds”. It is a profoundly reflective work on the concept and role of freedom in human civilization. Insightfully exploring the power of freedom, in its myriad expressions, in all civilizations throughout history, the book is a provocative piece of work written by a deep and original thinker. 

“Now with over 7,000 million of us on this earth, what could freedom possibly mean for us as earthlings, and as dreaming creatures, always asking at every bend in the road about the meaning and purpose of our lives, and the yearning to cut the rope and be free?”, says Prof. Sehdev Kumar.

“In the company of great thinkers, philosophers and poets of all ages, and honed by the testimony of all that is good and evil in mankind, Sehdev Kumar has presented before us a resounding YES to the centuries-old question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”, says Dr. Máximo Barón, Plenary Professor of Physics and Epistemology Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina, writes about the book.

Dr. Sehdev Kumar is a professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo in Canada, a bioethicist, and a historian of science and of international films. He currently lives in the Himalayas and in the international community of Auroville in South India and presents lectures and seminars worldwide on “Human Journey Across the Ages: Ecology, Culture & The Self.” 

Prof. Kumar also lectures at the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto and the Life Institute at Ryerson University. 

Among his recent books are: “Matters of Life and Death: Reflections on Bioethics, Law, and the Human Destiny”; “The Vision of Kabir”; and “How’s and Why’s of an Unexpected Universe.”

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