Pro Pest Control Sydney New Eco-Friendly Termite Protection

Pest Control Company Offers A New Eco-Friendly Standalone Termite Solution Completely Safe For Humans And Pets

Sydney, Australia — (ReleaseWire) — 04/06/2022 — Effective immediately, Pro Pest Control Sydney will begin offering termite pest control services using the new standalone termite solution, Sentricon. Sentricon is backed by over 60 scientific and 30 independent research studies and is widely proven to eradicate entire termite colonies.

Sentricon is eco-friendly and is considered safe for pets and children as they’re positioned in the ground with only the surface cover showing. The service cover won’t open without a specially-designed key, so there’s little to worry about if you have a family. The Australian Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) recently posted about the environmental benefits of the Sentricon baiting system.

If for any reason, your pet or child has come into contact with the active ingredient in the pesticide, it’s okay. The active ingredient, noviflumuron, only affects insects as it’s designed to disrupt the insect’s moulting process. Therefore, it has no effect on humans or pets. In fact, for your family dog to get sick, they would have to eat approximately 200 of the ingredient inserts for it to have any effect on their body.

These bait stations are also safe to be placed near herb and vegetable gardens. The distribution of the pest-controlling substance isn’t considered systematic, so leaching is incredibly uncommon.

Along with being environmentally friendly, Sentricon bait stations are super convenient. Pro Pest Control will install the stations for you and service them annually (or more often if needed). You don’t even need to be home for us to do so.

Essentially, the Sentricon bait station lures termites into its trap with the highly lethal, but irresistible food source. The termite will eat the source and then unknowingly take it back to the colony and kill it off, including the queen. The source of the poison isn’t remembered, so any lingering termites will find the trap and repeat the process.

What Are The Signs
There are several things that indicate potential termite infestations in your home. To stop these tiny pests from, quite literally, tearing your entire house down, consider these signs:

Excessively squeaky floorboards: Squeaky floorboards or areas with warped wood are generally an indicator of either termites or moisture.

Small holes in your drywall, roughly the size of a pinpoint: Termites eat through your wood foundation and past your drywall to get into your home.

Drooping or discoloured drywall: Just like your floorboards, warped ceilings or walls with questionable colouring likely mean a termite problem or water damage.

Wood that is crumbling or damaged: Termites love eating through and burrowing inside of wood. If you notice the wood in your walls or other parts of your home are unstable and crumbling, termites are likely the issue.

Drywood termite pellet mounds: These mounts typically look like small piles of salt or pepper.

Flying termite swarms on your property: If you see termites near your property, there’s a good chance they’ve made it into your home as well.

Mud tubes that climb the foundation: Mud tubes are essential for the survival of ground termites as they heavily rely on ground moisture to avoid getting dehydrated. These tubes serve as a nesting ground.

Patterns that look like mazes in your furniture, walls, and other parts of your home: This indicates that they’re eating through the wooden parts of your home.

Windows and doors that stick: When wood becomes warped, it makes opening and closing windows and doors astronomically more difficult.

Pro Pest Control Sydne offers free advice and quotes to all customers and our ten years of experience in the field gives us the confidence to guarantee positive results. PPC is also licensed with the NSW EPA and the Environment Protection Authority. Our termite control methods include the initial inspection and active termite treatment, which kills all active termites instantaneously. After the active treatment, we’ll install long-term methods like the Sentricon bait system.

This innovative bait system is perfect for termite eradication because it begins working immediately upon installation. If the termite pressure in your area is high, it won’t take long for a few of them to reach your bait traps. You should see results in as little as a few days.

Keep in mind, your Sentricon bait stations should be serviced at least once per year. These cannot be serviced without a professional, so it’s best to set up a service schedule between Pro Pest Control and yourself. If you notice a piece of your bait station is broken, call us right away so we can come sort it out.

During inspections, we use an infrared camera system to inspect termite activity in and around your home. This helps us get a better idea of the type of treatment necessary. To request a quote, call us at 02 8188 3997 today. Our head office is located at 17/9 Castlereagh St, Sydney 2000, Australia

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