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Should you use PCR or Rapid Covid testing?

What’s better the PCR Covid test or rapid Covid test? This is a common question posed by most individuals these days. The rapid Covid test is less expensive and can provide results in fifteen minutes. But it’s not a 100% accurate diagnosis. Rapid tests have many flaws, including false negatives and false positives. It’s important to know the difference between the two tests and how to get the most accurate results for your COVID condition. Pro Covid Test offers free PCR Covid testing for individuals in the Chicagoland area.

Rapid tests are less reliable and cost less. However, they do present false positives. PCR tests are more reliable than rapid tests. Moreover, they’re more expensive. While the rapid test may be a convenient option, it may not be the most accurate one. If you don’t have any symptoms, you should consider a PCR test. This will provide you with the most accurate result and reduce the possibility of a false positive.

If you’re concerned about the false-positive results of a rapid test, consider a PCR. Even though it costs more, PCR tests can give the best results. You should choose a PCR test if you have respiratory symptoms, even iffeel fine. And if you don’t have any symptoms, you should always have a PCR test as a back-up. If you’re in Chicago Pro Covid Test provides free PCR Covid testing.

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Pro Covid Test offers free PCR testing in the Chicagoland area. They have partnered with community organizations as well as private businesses to test employees. Recently Pro Covid Test performed free PCR testing at SWC Institute on Archer Ave in Chicago, IL. In addition, Pro Covid Test has testing scheduled for Kate Detective Agency (Kates), Cornerstone Community Center, and will be setting up mobile testing in areas around the Chicagoland area. “We will be creating a location’s page on our website with an address where individuals can come for testing,” states James Moore CEO of Pro Covid Test. 

While rapid Covid tests are the quickest way to determine if you have Covid, a PCR Covid test is more accurate. A PCR test can identify the presence of the virus, which is a sign of the viral infection. A positive PCR Covid test is not specific for the type of infection. If you have symptoms of the virus, you should get a PCR test for confirmation. “We want to set up partnerships with organizations where we come and test every 7 days. Places such as businesses, community centers, churches, etc. Places where there’s high traffic, we want to help keep those places safe and provide rolling 7 day test,” says Moore. 

Pro Covid Test will also be at A Place of Zen salon in Homewood, IL for their grand opening. Owner Taee Roseman offers several services at A Place of Zen including Make Up Artists, Cosmetology, Aesthetics, Nails, and all things beauty and he’s committed to having weekly mobile Covid testing at his business in partnership with Pro Covid Test. “A Place of Zen is all about keeping everyone safe and this is why we wanted to partner with a reputable Covid testing business to do our part in helping the community,” says Taee Roseman. 

A PCR Covid test is more accurate than a rapid COVID test. It detects the virus’ genetic material by analyzing protein and DNA. The PCR test is more accurate, which means it’s the best option for people who want to know if they are positive for Covid.

Pro Covid Test has free PCR Covid testing for any business that wants to test their staff for Covid-19. Set up isn’t complicated and Pro Covid Test can work with your Human Resources to facilitate the testing at your facility. For more details email or visit their website today for more details. 

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