Six (6) books of the multi-genre author get a BREW Readers’ Choice 2021/2022 title

REYNELLA, South Australia – 6 April, 2022 – Priscilla B Shuler of South Carolina, USA, has impressed worldwide audiences not only once but multiple times as six (6) of her published novels have received an award recently. The accolade comes as part of The Chrysalis BREW Project’s latest official announcement where each of the books got a BREW Readers’ Choice Award 2021/2022 title.

“It is, in my opinion, the masterpiece of Priscilla Shuler. Calling it a historical fiction adventure is underrating one of the most riveting plots I’ve read, which contains a little bit for everyone: adventure, romance, mysticism, and even a bit of humor,” says book enthusiast and connoisseur Andrea Fernández. “The author’s talent for description added to a vast array of interesting characters making it a must-read for the enjoyment of young readers as well as not-so-young ones,” she goes further while referring to “RAT,” the BREW Readers’ Choice Award – Coming of Age Novel of 2021/2022 recipient.

Regarding “Favored,” the winner of the BREW Readers’ Choice Award – Christian Historical Fiction of 2021/2022, Fernández writes, “It is a well-thought-out small-town mystery, with excellent pacing and unique characters. It is evident that the novel focuses mainly not only on the whodunit but also on the aftermath of the crime and how it affected everyone involved.”

When asked about “The Medallion,” the BREW Readers’ Choice Award – Historical Romance Novel of 2021/2022, Fernández states that it “is a must-read for fans of historical romance. The author does an outstanding job in recreating the England of the 1800s without making the book seem like a history textbook.” She proceeds, “The female characters in this book are powerful and memorable. Finally, I loved that the book is full of meaningful lessons but without being moralizing or preachy.”

Academic and bibliophile Shrabastee Chakraborty describes the BREW Readers’ Choice Award – African American Fiction of 2021/2022 winner, “Kuimba,” as a “religious-themed book starring a strange blue-eyed boy with a heavenly voice.” She continues, “His miraculous deeds transform the lives of everyone around him. Its smooth, slow tempo soothes the soul. Both religious and non-religious readers would love this spiritual, magical tale.”

Referring to “Daddy Jack’s Place,” which now has the title of BREW Readers’ Choice Award – Christian Fiction of 2021/2022, Chakraborty asserts, “The themes of love, family, and faith make the book a wholesome read.”

As for the BREW Readers’ Choice Award – Romantic Comedy Novel of 2021/2022 titleholder, “Two Can Play,” Chakraborty quips, “With hilarious incidents, artfully described trysts, and ample entertainment, this novel conveys a profound message –love can transform anyone.”

Priscilla started writing her first novel at age 75. Now 89, she has published seven (7) novels with more pieces including her bio in the pipeline.

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