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printing direct mailers and flyers is just one step—successful campaigns require strategies

Kelowna, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 04/13/2022 — As a Vancouver printer, the team members at Rayacom support businesses undertaking marketing with commercial printing services for signs, packaging, and promotional materials. It may seem obvious, but marketing actions to promote a brand or company through flyers do not always have the same goals. Objectives can focus on brand promotion, reinforcing the corporate image, increasing leads, or increasing sales. Optimizing results means tailoring an approach. For more, go to:

Printing Flyers to Increase Sales
Consider the prospect of increasing sales. Ever wonder why people still use flyers? The answer is simple—the sales rate of a campaign with flyers can exceed 5%, while the best average online results are from email marketing with a conversion rate of only 2.53%? That means delivering a message through 100 flyers to your target audience is up to twice as effective as sending out 100 emails to your potential customer base.

The truth is when done correctly, flyers campaigns can be as or more effective in results for business than digital strategies. Check out below some tips to take into account when scheduling a publicity action with flyers.

Focus on Flyer Design
According to research by SJ Insights, the average person is exposed to more than 362 ads a day! Making a message stand out requires a clean and attractive design with a pithy message and a short, assertive title capable of arousing curiosity in those who read it. For those without a design team, Rayacom has a skilled team of in-house designers.

Follow Through
After investing in interesting flyers, there is still the follow-through. Where will the materials be distributed and who will hand them out? It’s important to reach the audience. There is no point in distributing flyers to an alternative music concert at the grocery store. Do the research and combine it with social networking for the best results.

As an alternative for busy clients looking for ongoing promotion, Rayacom can lighten the workload with Canada Post direct mailers. These are printed and delivered directly to clients in one of four categories: houses, farms, apartments, and businesses.

These vibrant full-colour postcards are double-sided and perfect for direct mail campaigns, large-scale events, and all on-the-ground advertising needs. More impressively, data released in February 2022 indicates that based on the latest Response Rate Report from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Demand Metric, direct mail is an investment that offers a 112% return. More than all others: SMS (102%), email (93%), paid search (88%), social media ads (81%) and digital display advertising (79%).

Rayacom prints all kinds of promotional materials, including flyers and direct mailers in Vancouver. Check out the blog for all kinds of tips on planning a successful promotional campaign. When it’s time to get started, the team offers full-service support with fast and convenient printing solutions. Call 1-877-75PRINT (77468) to get started.

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