Primrose Roberts Launches the Cyberpunk Americana Collection on OpenSea

NFT creator, Primrose Roberts, announces the launch of Cyberpunk Americana, a unique NFT collection consisting of 10 iconic figures from American history

Primrose Roberts might just be looking to “re-create” American history with the launch of her NFT collection on OpenSea. The Cyberpunk Americana (Silver) collection consists of 10 iconic figures from American history reimagined within a cyberpunk futuristic world, as the project creator aims to take NFT enthusiasts in the United States and other parts of the world on a trip down memory lane in a virtual world.

Cyberpunk Americana (Silver) is a collection of 10 iconic figures from American history reimagined within a cyberpunk futuristic world. They remind us that no matter how dystopian the future might appear, theirs looked even bleaker. Yet, they prevailed against overwhelming odds to build the greatest nation on earth. How can we do any less but preserve the glorious legacy that they left behind. This is my small contribution to the cause.”

The popularity of non-fungible tokens has practically broken all records, with the market setting a new standard in the global blockchain space. Several digital artists and other stakeholders in the virtual space have developed a plethora of projects to meet the growing and diverse needs of NFT enthusiasts. However, Primrose Roberts might just be taking the multi-billion-dollar NFT market to another level with the launch of the Cyberpunk Americana Collection.

Primrose Robert is a lover of history and has decided to share her knowledge with the rest of the world through the creation of this unique NFT project. Cyberpunk Americana focuses on 10 iconic figures that have been instrumental to the rich American history, with the collection inspired by the creator’s exposure to the Cyberpunk 2077 video game. Primrose Roberts became more interested in the cyberpunk culture and decided to explore the concept within the futuristic context through NFTs. Cyberpunk Americana has been described as a metamorphosis of different characters coming alive in their new environment while still speaking magically.

The Cyberpunk Americana (Silver) collection is available on OpenSea and will be sold by auction until May 22, 2022.

For further information about Cyberpunk Americana and to be one of the owners of these unique pieces, visit OpenSea.

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