Lu Zhou (left) with Gary Leuchtman
Vanquour CEO Lu Zhou Dives Deep into Trust Planning and Estate Management with Renowned Wealth Preservation Specialist Gary Leuchtman

Renowned wealth preservation expert and trust attorney Gary Leuchtman recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Lu Zhou, CEO of Vanquour, a leading investment management firm, to discuss the importance of trust planning, estate management, and the secrets to his successful 40-year career. With a focus on helping clients preserve and grow their wealth, Leuchtman highlighted the critical role trust structures play in wealth preservation and asset protection.

In the interview, Leuchtman emphasized the importance of establishing a trust in order to secure a family’s financial future. He shared a touching story of a family who had no children and had struggled to decide what to do with their wealth. After meeting a university professor with a vision for a music scholarship program, the family chose to direct their funds toward this cause, resulting in a successful program that has provided scholarships to hundreds of individuals.

Leuchtman’s advice for young professionals entering the field of law or banking is to find something they enjoy and are passionate about. He believes that enjoying one’s work is crucial to a successful and fulfilling career. He also attributes much of his success to being the right person at the right time, seizing opportunities when they arise, and maintaining a strong work ethic.

Addressing the challenges faced by emerging economies and first-generation wealth creators, Leuchtman advises finding a reliable investment manager who shares their values and morals. He believes that while entrepreneurs might be skilled at making money, they might not be adept at managing it. By entrusting the management of their wealth to experts like Vanquour, these individuals can focus on their core competencies and ensure their wealth is preserved for future generations.

Leuchtman also stresses the importance of instilling a strong work ethic in children, helping them understand the value of hard work and their obligation to society. He advocates for supporting children in obtaining a good education, enabling them to become productive members of society.

As the CEO of Vanquour, Lu Zhou acknowledged the essential role Leuchtman and his expertise play in wealth preservation. Leuchtman’s work in designing trust structures and providing legal guidance helps protect the assets managed by investment professionals like Vanquour, ensuring a secure financial future for clients.

“Leuchtman’s extensive experience in trust and estate planning highlights the importance of creating a sound wealth preservation strategy. His insights provide invaluable guidance for those seeking to preserve and grow their wealth for future generations,” Zhou said.

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