Powers Environments Urges Asbestos Inspections in Yonkers NY Before Remodeling

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Could older homes in Westchester NY have asbestos in them? Bill Powers of Powers Environmental of Yonkers NY, discusses the benefits of doing asbestos inspections in Yonkers before buying or remodeling a home in Westchester.

Bill raises the question: “When should a homeowner suspect an asbestos presence in their home? When is it advisable to get an asbestos assessment in Westchester county?”

Bill continues, “Since a general ban on asbestos occurred in the 1980’s, houses built after that year have the building materials that commonly contained asbestos replaced with other materials. Houses built prior to the ban have increased potential risk of having building materials containing asbestos content.”

What are typical materials from prior to the ban found in the interior of a home?



Joint Compound

Vinyl Flooring & Mastic

Pipe or Duct Insulation

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Bill addresses concerns from home buyers and owners looking to remodel. He reports, ” While no asbestos is good asbestos, the mere presence of asbestos in a home is not generally considered an “issue”. The issue is when the asbestos containing materials (ACM) are disturbed. Disturbing the material allows it to become airborne and this leads to breathing these asbestos fibers into our lungs with resulting potential health effects.

Whenever a renovation project (or a mitigation project if your home has a moisture issue, etc.) involves taking down walls/ceilings or removing old vinyl flooring, these areas should be tested before they are disturbed. Asbeston inspections are recommended whenever in doubt.

Some types of materials containing asbestos are visually fairly obvious, as in the case of old heating pipe insulation, others are not obvious from a simple visual inspection, such as plaster, drywall, vinyl flooring, and ceiling tiles. These require taking a physical sample of that material that is sent for laboratory analysis.

While no amount of asbestos presence is considered “safe”, levels greater than 1% are regulated and require contractors with specific licenses to abate the materials that will be disturbed.”

Powers Environmental LLC is licensed to perform asbestos inspections in Yonkers New York and all of Westchester County


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