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The Global Power-to-Gas Market is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 10% during the forecasting period (2022-2029).

Market Overview

The change of electrical energy into synthetic energy (gas) by water electrolysis is known as Power-to-Gas. The hydrogen gas created can be utilized artificially or enthusiastically (as a fuel) (in the business). The figure underneath portrays the way this functions and how the different energy areas are connected. The Power to gas change thought is matched with environmentally friendly power sources due to the undeniable transformation misfortunes in the creation chain.

Water electrolysis changes over electrical energy (power) into substance energy (gas). The hydrogen gas delivered can be utilized both artificially and vivaciously (as a fuel) (in the business). The accompanying figure portrays the way this functions and how the different energy areas are connected. The Power-to-Gas thought is matched with environmentally friendly power sources because of the innate transformation misfortunes in the creation chain.


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Market Dynamics

The developing R&D exercises, assembling and need for environmentally friendly power age in the particular cycles are significant market drivers for the worldwide ability to-gas market. By and by, the high estimating of ability to-gas gadgets controls the market’s development.

The growing R&D activities, manufacturing and need for renewable energy generation

Industrialization is getting some forward momentum over the world, pushing rising modern power utilization. Assembling and interaction ventures are rapidly extending in both created and arising nations. The ascent of the assembling and interaction areas raises energy utilization, provoking the requirement for these organizations to find elective energy sources. Moreover, as worldwide utilization rises, so does the craving for fresher energy sources that are both harmless to the ecosystem and have low monetary ramifications.

Since the need for expenditure cash on innovative work (R&D) has never been more clear in advancement, global partnerships are putting huge amounts of cash in creating different inventive items. As per the United Nations’ Unistat, worldwide R&D spending arrived at US$2.2 trillion (buying power equality) in 2018, up from $1.4 trillion of every 2010. Therefore, R&D speculation expanded as an extent of worldwide GDP from 1.61 percent in 2010 to 1.73 percent in 2018. The quantity of scientists per million occupants on the planet expanded from 1,022 of every 2010 to 1,235 out of 2018.

The important element stresses the advancement of productive energy sources. States all through the world are striving to decrease energy costs. Numerous legislatures support proficient energy-delivering advancements to oversee rising energy utilization and costs. As the requirement for energy-creating contraptions develops, so does the requirement for item advancement and examination. Since power-to-gas is another innovation, it can possibly assume a critical part in creating and overseeing energy, decreasing working expenses, and having a fundamental influence in natural security without endangering item development. Therefore, the extending modern interaction internationally and the developing requirement for energy preservation are significant market drivers for the overall ability to-gas industry.


Market Segmentation

By Technology

l Electrolysis

l Methanation

By Capacity

l Less than 100 kW*

l 100–999 kW

l 1000 kW and Above

By End-User

l Commercial

l Utilities

l Industrial


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Competitive Landscape

The power-to-gas market is extremely niche in terms of the number and scope of global and local producers. The market has a very small number of market players, and the pivotal players among them include Hydrogenics, ITM Power, McPhy Energy, Siemens, MAN Energy Solutions, Nel Hydrogen, Thyssenkrupp, Electrochaea, Exytron, and GreenHydrogen. Mergers, acquisitions, product launches, investments, and collaborations are common market strategies used by big market players to gain a competitive advantage and improve their reputation.

On May 08, 2019, Siemens announced the split-off of its energy company and merged it with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), a separately listed wind turbine producer, to form a new multi-technology global energy behemoth. The new corporation is planned to employ 80,000 people and generate US$ 33.6 billion in yearly revenue.


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