Positive Living: Motiv App Inspires Individuals to Be Their Best Selves Using Crafted Motivational Quotes

With carefully-curated motivational and inspirational quotes, Motiv app is helping people find hope in a chaotic world and lead a better life – one day at a time

The repetitive nature of living and daily routines takes the fun out of life. Amidst the draining drone of activity, people are still expected to show up at their workplaces and homes with bright smiles every day. Unfortunately, there is a limit to positivity that the human mind can exude as it requires that β€˜extra’ push for a renewed approach to life. The Motiv app fills in the gloomy gap by offering daily encouragement through motivational and inspirational quotes as a ray of hope for happier living in a distressing world.

Motiv app is an app created to uplift the spirits of the user through its intentionally-selected, inspiring and profound motivational quotes. With Motiv, users have free access to quotes on gratitude, happiness, motivation, self-love, self-care, mindfulness, wellness, amongst many others. The available quotes are typically replenished with newer quotes every day. Motiv is an added benefit for individuals who engage in meditation, daily spiritual sessions, yoga, positivism, and spirituality as they can feed their souls with these quotes during these sessions. The app is also suggested for people without spiritual routines but who are open-minded, flexible thinkers and people who want to be their best selves, as the quotes are sure to improve their positive outlook on life and their daily tasks. Motiv is able to achieve this state of mental wellness by helping its users focus on the good experiences and joys of life.

The unique application was created by Armando Jimenez who doubles as the CEO. He is an astute mobile engineer who is passionate about creating inventions that helps people live positive lives-within and without. In his words: β€œI designed Motiv to help people build a positive mindset with the help of motivational and inspirational quotes. I strongly believe that we can all be more positive when we are able to focus on the things we love. I am certain this app will help you achieve that”.

It is an engaging app that is available throughout the play store and app store via https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.armandojimenez.motiv and https://apps.apple.com/app/motiv-inspirational-quotes/id1608196369.

For more information, please visit: https://motivquotes.com/.

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