Pop Culture Kids Featured on Several NFT Calendars and Endorsed by Famous Actor, Writer, and Activist – Tommy Chong.

Pop culture kids got featured in huge NFT calenders like – UpcomingNFT, NFTCalender, and NFTiming, and rarity tools are releasing an event in the decentraland and the sandbox later this year. Official Minting date would be announced soon check social for updates.

Tommy Chong sent us his reaction on his NFT card called Tommy Bong. Thomas B. Kin Chong is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, musician, and activist. He became famous for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin and for playing the character Leo on Fox’s That ’70s Show.

Check the Video Here: https://twitter.com/official_pcknft/status/1516675658881011715?s=20&t=UOQQVffKNqZLmd4o2p9dFQ

The Pop Culture Kids NFT collection is the first in a series on the Ethereum Blockchain, having 800 exclusive NFT cards priced at 0.85 ETH each. Celebrity collaborations are on the way, with rumors that more will follow soon to drive prices even higher.

The company has created a blockchain-based NFT project which includes caricatures of all celebrities and personalities worldwide. Knowing that NFTs collectibles, having to surf NFTs, and seeing the Garbage Pail Kids are still around.

The NFTs are not just random animal characters, but a piece of history, memorabilia to keep with you, and when you show it to anyone else in the next 10 years, you have a story to tell about your PCK card. It is a more thoughtful NFT project created with more humane inspirations.

NFTCalendar is the first event calendar for the NFT industry. They had covered the events, and NFT drops across platforms and marketplaces. All NFTs in one Place. NFTiming serves as an overview for all existing but still launching NFT projects.

The company has a trading card template engaged on the investor and collector sides of the NFT world. They realized that consumers desired more natural features than those apes and animals that had previously been available on the market.

The NFT holders’ benefits include free NFTs from series 2 and 3 and Bored Ape Edition, IDO access for a $PCK token, celebrity collaboration to push floor price, and an invitation to PCK year end meetup.

The company has created a way for those individuals with little or no talent to earn money by showcasing their support and loyalty, gaining roles, winning contests, and increasing the community by referring other qualified people; the company is anticipating even more fantastic things!

The team of Pop Culture Kids works with Ecomtancyweb and has worked with huge decentralized projects like Placewar, Frontera, and GARI DAO. The complete team is doxxed near the launch. To get more information about Pop Culture Kids, you may visit their website.

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