Political research

Identify social concerns to address

Don’t jump on any popular narrative. Identify meaningful, underlying social concerns that are yet to be addressed. Market Sampler lets you collect feedback from large groups of people segmented by location, demographics, and more.

Compare popularity among various segments

Run cost-effective, multi-segment popularity polls to find out which politicians are popular among different segments of the population. Segment by location, demographics, and more.

Find out what voters like about you, or other candidates

Run in-depth research campaigns to discover what people like and dislike about select politicians. Insights can be segmented by age, gender, location, and further aspects. Such insights are essential to craft winning campaign strategies.

Learn what actions people expect from politicians

Address valid public expectations by knowing what people expect from a political party or candidate they would support. Market Sampler lets you scan the entire population, or various segments to collect expectation feedback.

Common use cases

Market Sampler is used by companies, political groups, associations, and individuals from all walks of life. Discover how other people use our system to collect information from people who matter to them.