PlushLand Launches Up to 9 Animal Doll Categories in Plush Animals

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PlushLand launches up to 9 different animal categories in Plush Animals. It gives more variations for customers looking for cute animal dolls for any purpose.

PlushLand, a store to buy various handcrafted items, launches Plush animals in at least 9 categories. The focus is to give more cute items to customers, especially animal lovers. The store manager said, “We add specific categories, such as dinosaurs and fantasy, in this item. It expects that the items fill the need of people who want to get different animals than any animals they have seen. For the fantasy category, we have a crystal unicorn. For the dinosaur category, our store is ready with T-rex.” The store also wants to facilitate pet lovers to have a miniature of their beloved companion. So far, customers can find dog dolls in several breeds, including Bulldog, Husky, Dalmatian, Beagle, and Labrador.

The Plush animals come in several sizes, which are 8 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, and 12 inches. The store manager explained, “In the animal series, customers can’t only get an ordinary doll but also a doll that can be personalized. For instance, customers can add a name, a specific message, and a slogan on the cloth of our bear dolls. We hope that it can be a cute gift for personal buyers and organizations or companies that need a special gift for their customers. They can add their business logo and slogan there.”

Besides customization service, the store also gives a special deal on the animal series. As a result, customers can get the items cheaper. For example, customers can save up to $3.01 when purchasing a Horse doll or $2.01 when adding a rabbit holding carrot doll to the shopping cart. Customers can see the information about the special deals on the catalog under each product.

The store manager described, “Our team chooses safe materials to create the handcrafted items. We want to ensure that customers can hold the items without worrying about allergies, skin irritation, and other health issues. Because of that, we also hope that the Plush animals are also suitable for all ages, including children. They can play with various dolls while learning about the animals’ names. Parents can even tell a story using those animal dolls to trigger the imagination and creativity of their children.” The store also expects that the categories give them more options to get the best doll they want to buy. It can also be a solution for those looking for a simple and memorable gift.

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