PLTRIS Global Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Product, MONITREE

The amazing new product is a transparent tube-like flower pot created to allow people to decorate multiple surface corners with creeping vines

PLTRIS Global has today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its new product, MONITREE. The amazing new product was created to allow people to infuse the calm and relaxing presence of growing plants into their workspaces, as well as on other surface corners in their homes and offices.

According to the creators, people sometimes desire to make small changes to their dull workspaces. And since monitors are probably stared at the most, it only makes sense that they are beautified in such a way that creates a sense of calm and comfort around them.

MONITREE by PLTRIS Global is a transparent tube-like flower pot that allows people to decorate their monitor screens with growing creeping vines. The new product was created to transform the workstation into a mini forest surrounded by green leaves and the comforting aura of nature.ย 

The easy-to-use transparent flower pot can be set up by anyone and possesses tiny holes on the sides through which owners can water their growing vines with a syringe. Designed to allow the plants to creep around the monitor screen, MONITREE serves as a beautiful outer casing made of vines.

With its transparent design, owners can see the actual nature of the soil and know exactly when to water it. PLTRIS Global has also revealed that it will offer a plant care service through which owners can simply upload photographs of their MONITREES and get prescriptions within 24 hours.

The simple to use device also comes with a full spectrum LED that provides enough light for the plants to grow in places where they cannot get adequate sunlight. The LED can be powered with a USB cord and is also designed with an adjustable angle so users can set the direction of the rays away from their eyes.

Anyone interested in learning more about this amazingly simple yet incredibly pleasing product can visit the website provided below to check out its listing on Kickstarter.

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